1. ValakTurtle

    Reply to G-MODE requesting Pied Piper

    Everyone interested in Pied Piper should reply to this G-MODE tweet requesting it. It obviously doesn't guarantee anything, but its always worth a shot. MB included the Japanese for requesting it View: https://twitter.com/MBgov1133/status/1646789062068690944
  2. KannaProductions

    Spoiler Kanna's Xenosaga Art

    I've been drawing Xenosaga stuff for a bit. I'll use this thread to share my works. Note: I draw a lot of mermaids xD Some spoilers. More to come later.
  3. Clouded Veil

    MOMO and Kirsch Redraw April 2021

    This is a redraw from the Xenosaga's anime credits roll. Although, Kirsch's expression is very different from the show for some reason. I think my hand slipped. Then again, I've had a few people comment on how emotive this piece was. So maybe that slip was worth it!
  4. Clouded Veil

    I drew Albedo \0/

    Took me a while, figured to post it here. I rarely draw.
  5. Clouded Veil

    Clouded Veils Works

    My fanfictions: A Way Around Things Rating: T https://archiveofourown.org/works/40067481 A Shion and Jr. fic. \0/ Thinking of You (Spoiler Warning) Rating: T (with trigger warning included) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39941580/chapters/100017519 Antithetical Failsafe...
  6. Xenosaga: Pied Piper Advertisement

    Xenosaga: Pied Piper Advertisement

    A Pied Piper Ad found in my Japanese copy of Xenosaga Episode III.
  7. KOS-MOS Homescreen

    KOS-MOS Homescreen

    Page 1 from the Xenosaga Episode 2 Emission Concept Art Book https://xeno-underground.net/kare/xe2/001.jpg
  8. KOS-MOS Lockscreen

    KOS-MOS Lockscreen

    Page 16 from the Xenosaga Episode 2 Emission Concept Art Book https://xeno-underground.net/kare/xe2/016.jpg
  9. ParityDesu

    ParityDesu's Xenosaga 20th Anniversary Twitch Streams

    Hello everyone! I will be streaming the Xenosaga series on Twitch for its 20th anniversary. It'll be my 4th time playing through the series, 2nd time streaming it, and 1st time with the undubbed version. I hope you'll join me to re-live through the wonderful story, characters, and music that...
  10. Xenosaga Episode I HD Cutscene 003 - The Start-up Test

    Xenosaga Episode I HD Cutscene 003 - The Start-up Test

    Upscaled using Topaz.
  11. Feenie

    Spoiler URTVs and Aegises (XB2 and XS spoilers!)

    I still think a lot about how the Aegises, in a way, reflect the URTVs, honestly. Major thoughts: Man-made creations made for a purpose that they outgrew for one reason or another Red head best associated with fire is a party member (Pyra being Fire element, Junior's Red Dragon thing)...
  12. Hana-Keijou

    Hana's Xeno Fanart

    Err... Well, I ment to post some of my old Xeno art, but most of it from 2009 and it's garbage, so I'll use this thread as an excuse to draw new stuff... In the mean time. here's a KOS-MOS face study I did today cuz I was bored. Kunihiko Tanaka, I am not...
  13. Hana-Keijou

    The last bastion of Xeno fun?

    Hello, my name is Hana, I'm a commissions artists, who grew up with video games on the brain, Xenosaga being by far the most prominent. I remember that fateful evening in 2003, when I first brought Xenosaga 1 home from some random clothes store (that just happened to sell video games at the...
  14. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenoseries Master Study Guide Resource List

    Xenogears Xenogears Perfect Works Translation: https://www.flickr.com/photos/29956195@N08/sets/72157616593453778/ Xenogears Rope of Robots: http://whatdoesgodneedwithastarship.com/xenodurr1.html The Dark Id's Xenogears LP Archive: https://lparchive.org/Xenogears-(by-The-Dark-Id)/ Xenogears...
  15. Virgil

    Xenosaga file rip

    At the moment I am working at a project which involves some editing of Xenosaga (especially Ep 1), but I figured that often the visuals and audio end up being jarring, i.e. the music changing suddenly etc.. So I came to the conclusion that I need the sound files and the music extra to create...
  16. ammbot_

    My mission to retrieve Xenosaga: Pied Piper

    Well, this is my first post on this forum, so hopefully you all don't mind if I introduce myself before I go into a bit more detail. My name is Amelie, although any other nickname is fine; i'm 16 and i've been a Xeno fan since 2019. The past year or so i've been especially obsessed with...
  17. jessiray

    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Xenosaga: Pied Piper is a bit of a white whale piece of "lost" media for us outside of Japan. I'm a huge fan of Xenosaga and a huge fan of lost media searches, so I figured I'd begin a thread to compile information regarding the search for Pied Piper. What we know: Pied Piper was released for...
  18. Virgil


    My (pen)name is Virgil, because somehow I like this character even though he can be an asshole at times. I am Xenosaga years old and I watched Xenogears (+Missing Year and Pied Piper), Saga and played all Blade games. I also read all the supporting material and a ton of wiki articles because...
  19. QueenieBeeToni

    Trying to learn how to rip assets for the games.

    Currently;and have been for years trying to figure out how to datamine these games, if only for the models and environment reference and break downs, especially 3. Sadly, only some models have been ripped through the years, and only the main girls. If anyone has any information or can point me...
  20. Jintoki

    Xeno Dating Sim High University

    Backstory: the day before Valentine's Day, I asked some members of XenoChat for who they wanted to see in a Xeno dating sim. In a half a day, I created Xeno Dating Sim High University, a really bad dating sim (tm). I received some feedback and added some more material, as you can tell from the...