Spoiler URTVs and Aegises (XB2 and XS spoilers!)


Nov 24, 2020
Kukai Foundation
I still think a lot about how the Aegises, in a way, reflect the URTVs, honestly.

Major thoughts:
  • Man-made creations made for a purpose that they outgrew for one reason or another
  • Red head best associated with fire is a party member (Pyra being Fire element, Junior's Red Dragon thing)
  • Pale-haired dude just Does Whatever and isn't strictly aligned with antagonists or protagonists (Albedo and Alvis--Albedo is an antagonist, but he's really only interested in furthering his own goals, while Alvis goes from helping Shulk to helping Zanza to helping Shulk by the end of XB1)
  • Black-haired man associated with death and destruction who ultimately die, and are granted titles that invoke previous beings with those titles...and have severe issues with their dads to put it lightly (Malos and Gaignun. Endbringer and Executioner. I stand by that they should be a Driver and Blade combo somehow, @ Monolith)
I have thoughts but no way to really organize them, lol. Talk to me about thissssssssss. Especially Malos and Gaignun I mean