xenoblade 2

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  1. jessiray

    How To Combat Good in XBC2?

    I have been working my way through this game at a decent clip playing on Easy mode for story reasons. I plan to post my thoughts on the story and such when I am done (in chapter 7 now!) but man oh man I never did quite get good at the combat. Thru talking to my friends in Xenochat I finally...
  2. Feenie

    Spoiler URTVs and Aegises (XB2 and XS spoilers!)

    I still think a lot about how the Aegises, in a way, reflect the URTVs, honestly. Major thoughts: Man-made creations made for a purpose that they outgrew for one reason or another Red head best associated with fire is a party member (Pyra being Fire element, Junior's Red Dragon thing)...
  3. NihilismBot

    Bott's fics!

    So in addition to that Dickson fic I'll never write, I sometimes also actually write fanfiction. Here is a collection! Fix It - Xenoblade 2 Malos/Jin fic with some jintrospection. Xeno Sleepy Time Hugs - A collection of fics wherein xeno characters hug during sleepy times. I may add to this...