I have a few versions of the UMN logo from the textures in XSII:
The U.M.N. logo from Xenosaga, consisting of a simplified depiction of a snake biting its own tail, with the initials U.M.N. and Unus Mundus Network printed below; on a light grey/green background.The same logo on a light blue background.The U.M.N. logo with yellow text and the ouroboros symbol to the right of the text, on a dark blue/violet background.

Here's a transparent version I was using for a different project:
A transparent version of the U.M.N. logo above, with the colored background removed.

There's also a slightly different version that Jessi uploaded from XSIII:
The U.M.N. logo in silver against a background resembling a dark blue screen.

I hope these are the right ones and that you can use them!
Yeah! They're finally here, and yes ODM is a bookmark thing.

I don't know why but it seems that the manga is read from left to right, which seems different from regular books.
postcard book looks great! I didn't expect so many, I thought it was separate from my XGpostcard book, but now it seems that the XS is a separate book
I think the manga is pretty good, I spent an hour flipping through it (actually, I read the electronic version several times XD) Basically, I can think of which frame (in the game CG) when I see that part, at least I can understand it
Well, the drawing is much better than in the animation, it's true!
I'm so happy you're enjoying them! I still need to buy a copy of the ODM and the manga, but the postcard book is gorgeous. I really love the artwork in the manga, too; everyone's faces and body language are so expressive. It's cool to see the story told in a variety of ways, and each medium has its own vision it brings to the setting.

I'm closer to Shion's height, myself!
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I'm so glad you were able to get those books! I love the ODM and often use it as a reference. (As for me, I'm about 6 cm taller than MOMO. 😅)
Thank you! Yes, I'm reading the ODM in conjunction with the English translation, and a lot of the manuscript/setting explanations are still very appealing to me!
Your height will make you look lovely :D
Well, I'm close to twice the weight of MOMO (70kg)
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Does anyone know where I can buy the XS emission preview? I had seen it on ebay, but when I was ready to buy, there was only E1/2/3 set left. . .
Does anyone know where I can buy the XS emission preview? I had seen it on ebay, but when I was ready to buy, there was only E1/2/3 set left. . .

<<ゼノギアス・ゼノサーガ>> Xeno emission Preview / チョコレート・ショップの取り扱い店舗一覧

Seems like it's out of stock but some third party/secondhand sellers might have it?
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Thanks for sharing this, I see it seems to have 1 more in stock? I'm not very familiar with Japanese, so I'm just guessing. But I can ask my friend in the morning to see if he can buy it for me when I go back to Japan.
Thanks again for sharing this!
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You're welcome! Sometimes it seems like there are more listings on the Japanese version of the site compared to the English version. I've noticed most eBay sellers are likely buying from suruga-ya and marking up the price significantly (which makes sense, to cover their labor of ordering it domestically and shipping internationally etc).
I also hope there is, I recently installed an nds emulator on the switch, but I can't understand Japanese, I just want to play XS1&2 more conveniently
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That's the dream :( There were several translation efforts over the years but they've all stopped

ETA: there might be a patch that just translates the menus? but it's not something I've used and I don't remember where. If anyone has more info I'm interested too and would be very grateful