Xenosaga 1 & 2 DS menu-patch


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Dec 4, 2020
Looks like it's time for me to create my first thread here !
I will take this opportunity to say "thank you !" to those who run this awesome forum ;)

Actually, this thread is just a "copy/paste" from my topic on Xeno Underground, so don't expect anything new, sorry.

So, let's go.

- - -

Recently, a guy called AleXwern has created an English menu-patch for Xenosaga 1 & 2 (aka Xenosaga I.II), the Xenosaga game on Nintendo DS.

The menu-patch translates this :

1) the first lines of the script of the game.
It’s really short, don’t expect something big, it’s just for testing.

2) the names and the descriptions* for :
a) Items
b) Ethers
c) Attacks / Special Attacks
* Warning : the descriptions aren't translated when you are in a battle !

3) Some other stuff, like for example the line “Do you want to save your game ?”.

- - -

Be warned : the translation sometimes is very "bare-bones".

You can download the menu-patch here :

- - -

The patch works with the emulators DeSmuME (for Windows devices) and Drastic (for Android devices).
It also works with a R4 (Nintendo DS Flash Card).

If you want to contact AleXwern, here is his Twitter account :

Finally, here are some screenshots ! :

Screen 1.png

Items 1.png

Ether 1.png

Attacks 1.png
I always wanted a English translation of the game, ever since my mum actually went out of her way to get the last cheap Japanese copy. 🤣 Kinda feel bad now.
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