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Nov 1, 2020
(Note: I figured this would be a good series to test out the etiquette of how we should format series threads where people may be on differing levels of completion)


This is a thread pertaining to the general discussion of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime and manga series. Please post any JoJo thoughts/memes/theories/and discussion in this thread.

Spoiler policy: Please spoiler tag any major plot points or reveals (character deaths, plot twists, the ending of a part, etc.). Use common sense, while some plot points from the anime may seem obvious in hindsight or commonly known, in general do not spoil anything you would not have wanted spoiled for you while you were completing the anime. Minor things such as stand names or the existence of characters may not normally be considered spoilers, but please consider the context. If someone asks you to spoiler flag something please obey the honor system and edit your post. Moderators reserve the right to add spoiler tags to post which they deem as needing them.

Discussion of the manga is allowed and encouraged, however; I ask that you take extra special care not to spoil anything regarding the manga, as the majority of English speaking fans have not completed it. If in doubt, spoiler it out.

Elitism policy: No judging people for their favorite parts, characters, part skipping, or not being caught up to the manga. It's a big series and everyone has a ton of different preferences - please be kind and respectful.

Without further ado!~ Welcome to The JoJo Thread!
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Where should I even start?
The more conventional way these days is starting from part 1 of the anime and finishing through what's released. From there the adaptation is close enough that you can pick up the manga if you really like it.

To feenie's point, part 7 is a different continuity so you wouldn't miss anything starting there. It's also my favorite part so far and the one I'd say is the most consistently written. A lot of the love it/hate it quirks of Araki's writing are well balanced here, the cast is small so everyone gets attention, and the western setting is really unique. I could gush for days.

BUT there are a few call backs in 7 and I think it's overall better appreciated after you've seen/read the other parts. The other parts range from good/fun to great.

As far as the rest of the manga goes 6 has a great cast and 8 is really... Unique? Tbh I'm at chapter 35 and I'm not sure what to make of 8 yet but it's fun.

I'd say the standard options are:
-Start with part 1 and go in order
-Start with part 3 and skip to the memes/stand stuff (you're going to miss out on some minor nuances of what's going on, but you can go watch 1/2 as a prequel if you like the rest)
-Start with part 7 because it's the new continuity (a controversial choice, and I'd still recommend the DP anime, the part 6 one should be coming back soon, but you get a very consistent JoJo experience)

Edit: The reason part skipping is a thing is because part 1 is kind of dated and slow to some people and doesn't let on what JoJo really becomes down the line. I'm in the camp that thinks part 1 is a lot of fun for what it is, if you like classic 80s shounen campiness it's good at that with a victorian backdrop and a lotta things you've heard memed, and it's only half a season. Part 2 is the second half of the season and it legitimately holds up well imo. I'd see if you like season 1 and only part skip if you really aren't feeling part 1 (which some people just really say they can't stand part 1/2 and that's ok).
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People like to say Phantom Blood is too boring but the anime adaptation was a lot of fun imo. I'd definitely give if a shot but do know that the style and tone changes quite a bit starting from Battle Tendency (Part 2).
Parts 1 and 2 are absolutely enshrined in my heart. I tapered off at part 3 and wandered off by part 4, but I need to get back on the wagon and at least finish 4 before going through to what's next.
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I couldn’t say for certain, but maybe? The protagonists of parts 1 and 2 are very different from each other.
I think some of it at least is Araki growing into himself as an artist. Part 1 is great but it was very much going for big Fist of The North Star vibes and trying to appeal to trends of the time. Later parts branch out to be their own thing a lot more confidently. Some of that definitely leaks into the characterization too... Jonathan being the goodest good boy and Dio being the baddest bad boy definitely fell in line with manga of the time but they all branched out from there by a lot.
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I've been thinking about this a lot lately and REALLY hoping it's Stone Ocean. Please. PLEASE?

I know I shitpost about SBR a lot and stan for Gyro but Jolyne might be my favorite Joe and the cast of SO is very underrated. (PLEASE DP)
while stone ocean isnt one of my fav parts, there are a bunch of scenes i wanna see animated (mostly the ending)
I think the series is more fun if you see the past stuff to get a better understanding for how we get to x from here, but there is an argument for it not being totally necessary. If you want to skip parts, that's kinda okay. Treat parts 1 and 2 like the Yakuza 0 or the Torna of this if you like even. That said, I think you might really enjoy them, Aidan. Plus the payoff for certain things is certainly much more fun if you go through the beginning. Even if part 1 bores you, it's only 8 episodes long in anime form (The manga is only like 2 or 3 volumes on part 1) and I think part 2 is totally worth the watch anyway. If all else fails, watch with a friend and/or try to spot the musical references game. I volunteer myself next time we're both free.
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Part 6 was confirmed recently and I've been internally screaming about it ever since.

I'd love to hear peoples ideas for possible ending themes. I see I Fought The Law, Losing My Religion, What a Wonderful World (this should be saved for later, imo) and Ocean Man tossed around a lot, and all of those would be fitting, but I've got some ideas of my own.

  • Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins: "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage," a butterfly is Jolyne's symbol.
  • Telephone - Lady Gaga: Not thematic but if they wanted to rip some aesthetics from her music video this would be fitting. I'd also like to see a female singer for the end song, that would be cool.
  • All The Good Girls Go To Hell - Billie Elish: I KNOW I KNOW BILLIE ELISH = JOLYNE is a meme. But if DP wanted to shitpost, this song is actually pretty fitting to Jolyne's character and some of the themes of the work. Like it would legit be fitting without the meme.
  • Bad Reputation - Joan Jett: Also very fitting to Jolyne
  • Butterfly - Crazy Town: BC early 2000s cringe. They also sometimes choose songs based on the era the work came out or took place in, so that would be about right.
I have more but I'm failing to think of them ATM but I'm also very interested to hear thoughts from anyone else who's read ahead.