Godsibb March 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

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Nov 24, 2020
One of my favorite kind of posts in forums like these are the pickups threads and I figured Godsibb could use one as well. Threads like these are a nice and fun way of showing each other what kind of hobbies or things we are all into and the kind of stuff we tend to spend our hard earned cash on. I only ask that you post real pics. NO PICS FROM GOOGLE PLEASE. Real pictures taken by you. Otherwise have fun!

First of all, let's have a moment of silence for Best Buy's GCU program
You were too good for this world. Thankfully, I managed to get quite a few games and a couple preorders in before it ended to take advantage of some of the discounts. Anyways, I'll start this post off with this gorgeous Atelier Ryza 2 box set.


Now we're going to get into some of the stuff I got from Best Buy starting with Persona 5 Strikers along with the steelbook to complete the trilogy. I wish the steelbook had a red finish to match the others, but it still looks nice. I especially like the inside artwork with Morgana

File_002.jpeg File_004.jpeg


The rest of these were all from Best Buy except for Prinny, Ys IX and Gunvolt. I actually missed out on Gunvolt when those were up for preorder so I had to buy it on ebay. Thankfully I found a seller that had one for a fair price it didn't come with the LRG card but at least it has the manual!

File_005.jpeg File_006.jpeg

I got a lot of games to get through this year! Moving away from games(kinda) I have some gifts from really close friends such as Volume 2 of the NieR Automata World Guide. I didn't even realize volume 2 was out until my friend got it for me.


Also and possibly the most unique item I have to share today was a late birthday gift from one of my best friends' sister. She drew Shulk in his Future Connected outfit and it's absolutely stunning. Now to find a good spot to display this!



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Nov 1, 2020
PSA: Do not spend 8 hours a day sitting in a bad chair. I had no idea how messed up my back was getting until I stopped using my $60 'gaming' chair from college and replaced it with this bad boy:
If you sit down at a computer a lot, get a good ergonomic chair. Offices sell a lot of surplus so you can get them for much cheaper than sticker price. Your spine will thank you.