Godsibb January 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

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Nov 24, 2020
One of my favorite kind of posts in forums like these are the pickups threads and I figured Godsibb could use one as well. Threads like these are a nice and fun way of showing each other what kind of hobbies or things we are all into and the kind of stuff we tend to spend our hard earned cash on. I only ask that you post real pics. NO PICS FROM GOOGLE PLEASE. Real pictures taken by you. Otherwise have fun! I'll start with a rather big announcement: After Months of waiting......



Really anything else I post isn't going to be as interesting. Like the Sega Astro City Mini. This thing is actually really cool and the attention to detail is incredible.



Here it is next to one of those cheap mini arcades you can buy at Wal Mart. I used to collect those cause they look neat on a desk but the Astro City has it beat in just about every way. The Game center stand is cute cause you can actually insert coins in it and it acts as a piggy bank. The two controllers while not cheap feel very sturdy and the stick feels close to the real thing. I genuinely like these controller a lot and plan on using them on PC.



A couple games, mainly some LRG preorders finally shipping. I can't wait to try them all this year especially Grandia.

File_004.jpeg File_007.jpeg

And Finally some Anime. People have been begging me to watch Baccano for years and I finally managed to get a copy of the DVDs. I can't wait to watch it. I also picked up a couple things during Sentai's sale. They always have stuff at ridiculously low prices during the sale and while I would have preferred Shirobako as a Blu Ray, it was hard to resist the DVDs at $3. In fact all four of the sets in that picture cost me about $20.



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