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    linnaealyn's xeno art

    Oh spark, wonderful stuff ! :love: I already saw some of them on Twitter, like the one with the Christmas Tree for example, but I discovered some nice gems here ! ✨ And the one with Margie and her guns is priceless lol.
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    Looking for Scans of "God-Slaying Story"

    So, if I understand it correctly, the scans have been made by a person called OZkai. FYI, you can contact OZkai via Twitter (he accepts DM) :
  3. Valkyrie


    Welcome here Catt0_ 🤠 My favorite entry is Xenosaga III as well. And I found the three Xeno Emissions artbooks extremely cool. At last, for the record, I'm a big fan of the Valkyrie Profile series, and of Card Captor Sakura (especially my best girl Tomoyo :LOL:).
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    Joining as suggested by a friend

    Hey hey Kanna, this is Valkyrie from Twitter ! 👋 I'm glad you came here 🙂 Make yourself at home :coffee: And you already know that I love your Xenosaga arts !
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    wow, an active fandom forum community in 2022?? hi!

    I started with Saga during ~2012-2013 🙂 You are welcome 👍
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    wow, an active fandom forum community in 2022?? hi!

    Hello and welcome linnaealyn ! 🙂 As for me, I am a Xeno-fan since 2012. Ten years already ! Also I saw some of your arts on Twitter : they are sparking great ! 👏
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    Erin's Xenosaga junk

    Awww love those works so much, especially the ones about Pied Piper ! :love: Congrats whyfish ! 👏👏👏
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    For the first time I wrote a song for my fanfiction. Of which was based on a "2nd season" of the xenosaga anime

    Cool ! Good luck ! ;) Could you please give us a link for that ? I have found this picture with a good resolution here : View:
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    MOMO and Kirsch Redraw April 2021

    I love this art ! ❤️ The world needs more Kirsch arts ! I need more Kirsch arts !
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    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Thank you for this piece of info LXGK ! Noted ! 👍
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    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Actually, this is the only copy I know. But I wouldn't be surprised that フォレスト (= Forest) owned a copy.
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    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Me too ! ;)
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    Wow, I've Been Living Under a Rock Lol

    Welcome, I'm glad you found this forum ! From my point of view, Episode 2 has some of the most emotional moments of the trilogy, like for example : The moment. or the moment. Too bad a big part of the story has been cut, particularly the events about , which is super frustrating IMO... Ahem...
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    I'm finally here

    Hey hey 👋 I'm super glad that you joined Godsibb ! Enjoy your time here 🙂