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    i've just joined as well, but hello and welcome!
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    Amm's xenofanarts

    Basically an extended version of a thread of mine on xeno underground a bit ago. here are some xeno fanarts of mine i've done within the past 4 months, from (mostly) oldest to newest. for xeno femslash week, man i love drawing these two. Pyra for my friend jamie. Elly is so cute...
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    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Good to know. If the game can no longer be purchased, perhaps the best bet would be to contact Keju, and work with them to jailbreak the phone and extract the .jar file. However, there is the issue of actually running the game, most likely done through an emulator. As far as I am aware, an...
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    Pied Piper Search Thread

    i've (somewhat poorly) come up with a possible method to retrieve it, which (possibly involves jailbreaking) a particular model of Vodaphone, and downloading the game via a dataplan on i-mode, in one of these reigons: Australia Belgium Bulgaria France Germany Greece Hong Kong Israel...
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    My mission to retrieve Xenosaga: Pied Piper

    Well, this is my first post on this forum, so hopefully you all don't mind if I introduce myself before I go into a bit more detail. My name is Amelie, although any other nickname is fine; i'm 16 and i've been a Xeno fan since 2019. The past year or so i've been especially obsessed with...
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    Favorite relationship(s)?

    KOS-MOS x Shion always hit home to me, they have such a sweet relationship that blooms slowly throughout the games. Seeing how KOS-MOS went from apathy in episode one to caring and even sacrifice for Shion in episode three was one of my favourite parts of the series.
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    uhh hey im new

    uhh hey im new