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British was A Vibe for XBC1 but I am really *not* Feelin' It for XBC3 for some reason so I'm probs gonna change to the Japanese dub. But to each their own.
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I also feel that the English dubbing of this series may be a little bit flawed relative to the Japanese (whether it's xg, xs or xb)
i beat xenoblade 3, i wish it had more connection to 1 and 2 but other than that it was really stellar
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You have already finished it?How quickly you are!I've only just started playing!
I just got around to starting my copy but everyone I have heard who has finished it has said it's really good
1 week until I get good internet back and should be around significantly more to respond to messages and post. I have some great ideas for improvements coming up, thanks for your patience.
are the xs freaks download links broken? they aren't working on my end
Good to see the place busy! I will be back soon to reply to messages and requests. Almost done moving. :)
Scheduling another update for next week. Should take care of spam issues. Thank you for your patience.
i have better chances of getting struck by lightning underground than i have for many things i would like to see happen in xc3 actually happening
...I'm sorry, what?!
What do you mean "my beloved Miugtani Koichi (Choco) is make a new KOS-MOS art book for sale in japan only?"
What do you mean "even if it goes on sale online, i'll never be able to afford it?!"
What do you mean "Trying to draw my own KOS-MOS fanart to feel better is a futile attempt?!"