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Jan 16, 2022
I made this thread for anyone who might be struggling on this game, so feel free to ask if you're stuck on something. I'm going to anchor with information about the game, and helpful tidbits.

This is important. If you don't have deathblows, you will lack your primary damage dealing mechanism for both ground and in Gears. Thus unlocking them is the key to being good at the game. The way they unlock is each attack has experience attached to it, and you learn a deathblow when every attack hits the required level. These attacks are T1, T2, T3, T4, S1, S2 and X. Each attack will have a different animation, and they play out like this.

PreviousPress TPress S

You can level deathblows by using the combinations for the deathblow you are trying to learn, but there are faster ways. The best way is to use TTSTT most of the time, XX less of the time and TSTTT even less when you have 6AP so you can evenly evenly level your deathblow XP. Using the Wizardry ring will cause you to learn it faster, which is especially useful on Fei, who is one of the slowest learners. At 7AP after Shevat, you need to use XTTS most of the time and TTTTTTT very little in comparison. You can get a more in depth tutorial on Deathblows elsewhere.



Now that deathblows are out of the way, let's talk about Gears. Learning deathblows on foot allow you to learn deathblows on the Gear, which is useful. In Gears, you have a set amount of fuel that you have to conserve throughout the dungeon, however longer dungeons have fuel replenish points, and it's not too much of a concern. You can attack, which will take up either 10, 20 or 30 fuel depending on the strength of the attack you use. Keep in mind that X attacks can sometimes miss. By using normal attacks, or any other command that's not a combo, you build up a level, which allows you to use a gear deathblow. This is either 1, 2 or 3 depending on the amount of deathblows you've unlocked and how many non combo attacks or other commands you have built up. There's infinity which is much later in the game which has a percent chance that is displayed in the bottom when you try and build the combo past 3. There is a charge command, which allows you to regain a bit of fuel for the turn, booster with speeds up your ATB gauge at the cost of fuel, Ether Machine which you can use gear Ether abilities, Item and Escae which are both self explanatory and Special Options, which allows you to use healing abilities and special moves, like System Id and Jessie Cannon. The main takeaway are that most of the time level 3 is overkill, and level 1 and 2 will do fine most of the time. ALSO, IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE HERE, MAKE SURE TO UPGRADE YOUR GEARS EVERY CHANCE YOU GET! If you don't you'll be flattened. This is fairly simple, pick the latest items in the great shop, and you should be fine. Picking accessories for the three gear slots is up to you, but if you want to break the game, equip three power magics on Elly, and an ether doubler on her character, and use Aerods, and it should do massive damage to all enemies, trivializing the game and making harder gear fights a cakewalk.

This might look intimidating, but it looks a lot worse than it actually is, and the game is probably the easiest and simplest of the Xeno games. You should figure most of this out yourself just by playing normally. The rest is fairly standard 90's RPG, three equipment slots, one weapon and fixed classes. Be sure that you have plenty of items, as some bosses really need you to use them. YOU CAN ESCAPE ABOUT HALF THE BATTLES IN THE GAME AND STILL HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH XP TO MAKE IT A BREEZE, SAVING YOU FROM MAKING THE GAME A SLOG. Anyways, that's all my experience for the game, feel free to reply if you're stuck on a specific part, have questions, or if I'm missing something.
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Fantastic thread and info, I know a lot of folks want to play Xenogears but find themselves having difficulty. I have stickied the thread, thanks for sharing.
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