Spoiler Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Spoiler Discussion Thread

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Aidan Uzuki

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Nov 2, 2020
Collective Unconscious
Alright, here it is! The game has been out for close to 2 months now (which I can hardly believe time has gone by so quickly). Now that people are likely through at least the main story and maybe had sometime to think about it. How are people feeling in general about this game?
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Cloud Sea Explorer
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Mar 14, 2022
Well, it can be evaluated in many ways.
First of all, from the picture point of view. In any case, compared to XB2, the image quality of XB3 is still improved a lot, the appearance of moiré is much less, and the texture speed after transmission is also much faster. But of course, there are many things like blur, frame drop and so on. But that's not too important a point.
Second, from the perspective of playing experience, the XB3 system feels simpler/easier to understand than the XB2. The tutorial will be better than XB2, of course, if you have played XB1/2, then things will be much easier. The most special thing about combat seems to be the "combination" (I don't know what the English for this operation is), and the number of people has changed from 3 to 6/7. So generally speaking, the difficulty will drop a bit, which may be an advantage because the xeno series is mainly about plots rather than combat.
Then there is the plot. I think XB3 is pretty good in terms of plot, at least it is "complete". But I think many places are not "clearly explained", such as why Noah becomes consul N after Mio dies, and why Mio becomes consul M. Why Miyabi didn't die, and what is the principle of consul Y's experiment, and many more. I don't know if it's because they couldn't explain it clearly or something else, but at least it wasn't something that should have happened.
Of course, in terms of music, I feel that the music of XB3 is the worst in the XB series (except XBX, which I have never played). Compared with 1.2, it is a bit worse.
Well, the above are some brief comments (in fact, I feel that I mainly mentioned a lot of disadvantages rather than advantages). If there is anything that needs to be changed, I will add it again in time.
If you want to give points, objectively speaking, it is 7.5 or 8/10 (mainly lost points in music and plot)


UMN Curator
UMN Curator
Mar 27, 2022
As for N, Noah becomes Consul because Z wants to have fun/play with him. After Noah dies (after he and Mio had a kid), Z reborns Noah again, he gives Noah choice to become Mobious. First he lures him in telling that he will revive and give him Mio if he becomes Mobious. But when Noah does that Z goes further, he shows him Mio's body and tells him that he has to kill everyone in Old City in order to power her battery. N hesitates for moment but he does that and Consul M is born without Mio's choice and she not likes that, or what N did to bring her back.

I would need to re-read text on Noah's son/grandson statue but if it says he was one of people who created new City then Z revives Noah and makes him N almost after the cutscene with their kid.

That thing is more or less explained. I'm more bothered with that Fog plot.