What would you like to see in X2?

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Jan 2, 2021
Piggybacking off of the "Things you want to see in a future Xenoblade" thread, but specifically regarding a Xenoblade X sequel! Spoilers are expected so please use spoiler tags.

The obvious answer: Chapter 12 cliffhangers need to be answered! What the heck happened to Lao after he washed up on the beach?? Who was walking towards him? Why are everyone's consciousnesses sustained even though the Lifehold is destroyed??

In regards to world building, I'd love to see more involvement of the alien races, like plot significance and/or party members. Most of what we know about the Wrothians, Ma-non, Zaruboggans, Orpheans, etc are through optional (and very missable) side quests, which are actually rather lore heavy and have potential! It'd be interesting to see how they would contribute plot-wise. The continents are also mysteries, especially Oblivia and Cauldros which show remains of lost civilization, as well as the rest of Mira that is yet to be discovered.

As for gameplay, there are few accessibility issues I had with X, such as reeeeaally tiny text size and the eyesore blur effect used in Overdrive. I'd imagine the text size would definitely be changed, but an FX effects on/off toggle would be highly appreciated as well, because Overdrive was near unusable for me. Regarding the battle system, I'm not too knowledgeable of it to have a solid opinion but I did have fun with it x) Although I remember in Skell combat there was cockpit time which was randomly triggered, so maybe that could get revamped to have a prerequisite?

Online multiplayer is something I didn't get to use much at all. Squad Missions were taken so quickly and I was never strong enough to take on any Nemesis :'D I don't have many ideas for this one, I'd appreciate anything that would allow me to play with friends easily and at any time (IIRC Squad Missions were at intervals? Kinda a pain to wait)

Those are my ideas! I'm excited to hear yours!


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Dec 5, 2020
I have three major issues with X that I'd like to see addressed

the first is the story in general. The original story was likely going to be as labyrinthine as previous Xeno games. We know a lore Bible exists for the game somewhere. Unfortunately, the game was too ambitious, and so when Nintendo asked them to change direction, a lot of the story got cut, which in my opinion really hurts it as a "Xeno" game. I'm not saying retcon the story, but I want them to bring it back.

One of the things in the original story was that the created character was supposed to be a defined protagonist. It was one of the last things changed in development. This leaves a void in the story for who the main character was supposed to be, and while there are several hints throughout the game that there is no "protagonist" since its a story about humans surviving and learning to coexist with other species, meaning that all of humanity is the protagonist, Monolith soft has since backed away from that and declared Elma the defacto main character, which in my opinion doesn't work because it doesn't tie in the themes of the game, and also because I don't think Elma is a very interesting character. In fact I have some major flaws with her that I won't bring up here, but my point is I think she works as a supporting character, but not as a protagonist. I would like to see X2 either go harder into the theme of "humanity is the protagonist" or to have the protagonist be well written, whether it be Elma or otherwise.

My final critique comes in the combat system. First off, Skells are not balanced with ground combat, and while they can be useful (especially in the end game), for the majority of X, ground combat is superior in every way (also the flight module gives almost *too* much freedom, making the massive world Monolith created almost small and trivial to explore [I really like how confusing Noctilum is to explore on foot, always a highlight to me]). The first thing I would like to see if Skells both buffed in combat, and the flight module nerfed/redesigned in exploration.

My second thing in combat is that overdrive is a selfish mechanic. What I mean by that is that it prioritizes you over your party, and for a game that has 4 party members (the only in the series to do so) it really doesn't utilize the 4 member party outside of more frequent soul voices. So, I would like to see overdrive become party dependent, so that its not just "Player vs the world" but instead "party vs the world"
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