Welcome to the Godsibb.net Community Beta

Hi All,

It's with much fanfare that I announce that Godsibb.net is officially open to the XenoChat community for beta registrations and posting! Please post to the board and engage in discussion at your leisure. It's our goal to become an engaging community for discussions all things Xeno and beyond. Please poke around, start some threads, and feel free to submit suggestions and concerns regarding the community via the User Suggestions discussion board. We are still in the progress of building and structuring the board. So we welcome feedback!

This is a project that is very close to my heart. As some of you may be aware, in 2008 the original Godsibb.net went live with the intention of bringing together fans of Xenosaga and Xenogears throughout the globe. With the help of my administration team, including my wonderful Co-Admin Katimus, and the wider passion of the Xeno fandom, the original Godsibb.net become one of the premier hubs for Xeno content on the internet. For 6 years many users engaged in its lively community by submitting content, participating in discussions, and forming genuine friendships that I would later learn were destined to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, much changed over those 6 years and circumstances became such that between my personal plate and several server crashing incidents, it became too much for me to manage during my life transition period and this pressure caused a falling out of the team and disbandment of the website as a whole.

Imagine my shock last year during the Holidays of 2019 when I receive a message from Katimus and a member of the Xenochat Discord (Hi Nick!) regarding some of the old contents of the original Godsibb. I did my best to help them, and it was to my deep regret that this content was considered lost. Frankly, so much had happened since the time Godsibb dissolved that I had not even considered the possibility anyone missed its contents. This fact touched my heart, but filled me with a sinking feeling of regret with regards to how everything ended and the content that was gone. While I was unable to find the models he needed, this message did lead me down the road to reconnecting with the Xeno community. Through the communities that have sprung up around XenoChat and Xeno Underground in the years during my absence, I've found old friends and made new alike.

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of meeting much of the community for the first time in person at Katsucon 2020. It was my last bit of jubilation before the pandemic hit and everyone was forced apart. That is an experience that will stick with me the rest of my life, and finally getting to meet some of you after so many years as an adult felt like coming home.

So when the idea came up that Xeno Underground be reorganized to include content from XenoChat and there was a need to rehome the forum community and large archives, I was incredibly excited to be a part of it. After some discussion, the idea of rehoming these components to Godsibb was thrown out there, and eventually I was able to retrieve the domain. Whoever bought it let it lapse so I got incredibly lucky!

One thing led to another, and now we're here! I am so happy that in 2020, we are able to breathe new life into the Xeno community. Please stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we complete construction on the board.

It's the week of Thanksgiving here in the US. I am so, so thankful to each and every one of you for making this possible and keeping the light burning all these years for the Xeno fandom. This is a game series that is all very special to our hearts. I'm so thankful that we've all been able to come together as a community and make this happen.

Please make yourself at home and feel free to let me or another team member know if you have any questions!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Nov 1, 2020
I'm so happy to have you both back in my life and Godsibb back on the internet. It's so amazing!! I've never regretted this project and am glad it's now on its way to being back on its feet. :3