Spoiler Was thinking earlier about something regarding the timeline and space travel...


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Nov 17, 2022
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I'd initially blurted this out on my twitter before thinking- okay maybe I should be asking this on Godsibb lol

So I was reading the Xenogears timeline again because it randomly occurred to me how crazy it is that the superweapon and 1.2 million survivors of a large catastrophic event went missing & undiscovered by the human colonies for ten thousand years. You'd think that after losing contact (ha) with the ship that they'd launch an investigation into its whereabouts and come across it eventually. I mean, 10,000 years is a long time to not have any idea of where that one super dangerous weapon y'all were transporting is.

Im just thinking like, surely the only reason why they never came across the unnamed planet (planet the game takes place on) for that long after the crash was because it was outside of charted space? like they wanted to send Deus far, far away before investigating why it went out of control? That would be VERY far.
Just how far was this unnamed planet they crashed onto from Miktam04β (the planet that that initial Deus catastrophe took place) anyway? Do we know?

And I assume nothing else was explained anywhere about what the human colonies were up to during that 10k years as it'd be completely useless info to mention regarding the timeline of the game at that point, as they never made another appearance for the duration of episodes 2-5.
I'm so rusty on Xenogears but Ol' Man Bal comes to mind as commenting on this because I restarted the game so many times that's the scene that lodged in my brain lmao

You can't REALLY connect XG to XS as 1:1 directly as some fans would like, but I think thematically this is something they get into with the Immigrant Fleet over the course of XS. I know you're trying to avoid XS spoilers so I won't say more than that, but honestly I think that's about all I have to say, is just that the Immigrant Fleet picks up the baton from this concept and keeps running with it.