Jan 3, 2021
Southern California
The new Disney+ show WandaVision has been quite a wild ride for those watching it! The latest episode, episode 8, made me really emotional to say the least! Have any of you guys watched it?
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I'm only a casual MCU fan but I've watched up to episode 7 and I'm enjoying it a lot so far! I, uhhhhh, kinda maybe have a thing about Wanda and Vision as a ship and I'm apparently a sucker for domestic sitcom AU fluff with Ominous Subtext, so it's relevant to several of my interests. 🥺👉👈

For some reason I'm extremely vexed that I find Paul Bettany attractive. I feel like I shouldn't, and yet. 😔
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The main ship was definitely the biggest draw for me too. The ending with them got me really emotional, and it's disappointing to think well probably never get an MCU sitcom again lol. I'm only a casual fan of the series as well but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I'm hopeful we get more romance heavy and character driven stories in the future as well
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I am normally someone who is pretty jaded about the MCU, but I'm glad I gave WandaVision a chance. It was very wonky and took a lot of artistic and emotional risks I really appreciated and the direction was really well thought out.

Like wow... I can't believe this show managed to make me care about Vision.
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