They Might Be Giants + Xenosaga Episode II music video?


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Sep 1, 2021
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Does anyone else remember seeing a music video for "Birdhouse in Your Soul" around 2006-2007ish on YouTube? This was the old URL, but the channel has been deleted/suspended since.

It featured footage from EPII that cast KOS-MOS as the "blue canary" who "watches over you" and included a large portion of the car chase on Second Miltia.

I'm feeling nostalgic for it and if anyone else remembers seeing it—or happens to know who made it, or has the video itself—I'd be thrilled. Otherwise the memory of it will just live on in my heart. 😔💙 I know it's a long shot. Thanks in advance!
I don't remember this one, but this thread reminds me of all the old AMVs that have been lost to copyright strikes and other events over the years. So many good ones lost to time.

I hope you can find it or someone has it saved!
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