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Feb 28, 2022
Zeboim (real answer: USA)
Any (but most used to They/Them & She/Her)
I've made several memey edits, so I figure it'd be good to put 'em in a thread of their own!

Hope you all enjoy 'em! Starting with this one:


Several more memes under the cut (and I have even more too, but have reached the image attachment limit, lol)

idiot sandwich.png


my gear now.png



no talk id.png

the cooler dan.png

(This one spawned from Desert Pogona nicknaming Id "Evil Super Dan" in his Xenogears playthrough xD)
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Okay, this one's a video rather than an image meme, but:

A while back, I got the idea to make a video where I put the nightmare fuel hell jazz (meant in a good way) that is "The Crucifixion" from Jesus Christ Superstar over the image of Chu-Chu being chucified.
And have it slowly zoom in.
and distort nightmarishly to the song.

Anyway, this was the result! Disclaimer: I am not fully responsible for any nightmares that result from viewing this video

Warning for trippy, jumpy, nightmarish, and possibly eyestrain visuals, as well as a tense & disturbing song that is sometimes loud, and contains both sudden wailing and unpleasant harsh noises at times

I think it turned out hilarious, personally-- I turned Chu-Chu into Giygas! but yeah, some folks might not think the same, so I wanted to give warning first
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I come bearing another youtube poop, though this one's unlisted due to its status as a work in progress:
Torna Part: A YTP WIP
(warning: Xenoblade 1 spoilers, and lots of nsfw jokes (hope I'm not breaking the no nsfw rule-- if immature jokes still aren't okay, I can remove this, no prob!). i'm the epitome of mature </sarcasm>)
Again, this is still a WIP, and will probably be turned into a series of YTPs rather than just one, because it's pretty long as-is-- 9 minutes, dang!
But I really want to share the scenes I've made so far.
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Some edits I made a while back, but hadn't posted yet!


Blushy kawaii Xord edit XD Made for my best friend since childhood (who likes Xord) and originally posted in a reply to them with something along the lines of "Xord's reaction to hearing you say such nice things about him" XD


Made when a Xenoblade twitter retweeted one of my posts where I said Mumkhar is cute (and I stand by my statement, dangit!)


Edit of the American Idol logo for Torna Part (the YTP I'm working on).
Bionis Idol... I'd so watch that. XD




(Text is from this tumblr post)


I don't fully remember the context for this one, but whatever it was, it ended in this edit.



Foxy Grandpa Azurda, in two different flavors (original and smol)


Another Foxy Grandpa hat edit, this time of Cole.


On that note, looks like Minoth prepared ahead of time by buying that hat 500 years ago.


His name sure is Gort


Lora making the Soul Eater Excalibur memeface at Gort


Welp, I don't even remember the context for this one (though I vaguely remember my switch's predictive text being involved?), so I can't even explain this anymore XD


Inspired by this vinesauce clip, I cut out the Hand of Doom (a game demo included in Dread X Collection) overlay and put it on this screenshot. because Gort. GORT GORT GORT. that name makes me laugh so much, I swear.


This is a Real Life Edit. I cut every instance of Gort out of a box of Gorton's Fish Sticks just because I could. Did I mention that name amuses me to no end? Because it absolutely does XDDD
(Note that I left the letters "SIN" in one of them XD That was intentional)


Then I combined the two previous edits into this. You're welcome.
gort gort gort gort


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, one of the possible conversations the cranky villagers can have with you includes dialogue that's like, "Imagine you have a fishbowl. What's inside of it?" One of the options you can reply with is "a pile of trash," which I pick every single time.
Anyway, I imagined Amalthus saying this to Stannif, so I took the text off of a screenshot and pasted it here.
Simple as that. XD


This is a sign I made in Animal Crossing New Horizons, I cut it out of a screenshot and pasted it here. Gort no gorting


Bonus edit that I made immediately afterward




Aaaaand Consul Y's wearing the foxy grandpa hat now.
Hey, it's been a while!

I made another YTP that began as a a simple "no mistakin it... that's ____" shitpost, and ended in a full-fledged Youtube Poop.

Why yes, it's another Gort meme post. Because of course it is

(contains: nsfw jokes, possible volume issues because I was having trouble getting the volume to be consistent)

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Oh my gosh, I just realized something I haven't posted yet--


Back in December, I made a Xenoblade 2: TTGC shitpost, using audio from Team Starkid's The Trail to Oregon!
Thanks to a happy accident in this video, I will forever refer to that nameless generic blade as "Cletus Jones".


Then, in either late december or early January, I made a super short follow-up. (contains nsfw joke)


Lastly, in mid-January, I made yet another followup that fitting stars Minoth as the grandpa. Hey, it makes sense-- Minoth's a grandpa in the base game, remember?
Also features an Angry Amalthus edit I made solely for this video. I think this one's my favorite XD (also mild nsfw joke)
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Aaaand two more edits I forgot to post, continuing from the last post:

My most evil Tornagon edit yet.
Contains immature potty humor and audio from Team Starkid's The Trail to Oregon. Does this count as a literal shitpost?

Well anyways, fandom, what can I say except you're welcome?

The next one's not a Tornagon edit, but still has Team Starkid audio! It's gotta go under a spoiler, though because...
[XENOBLADE 3 SPOILERS: Consul D unmasked & real name]

Okay, this edit had been a long time coming.

Legitimately, the first time I saw the head joke scene in Nerdy Prudes Must Die, all I could think of was Dirk.

Audio from Team Starkid's Nerdy Prudes Must Die

If I made this into a small series too, Eunie & Taion would even make a great Stephanie & Pete