Sicahyart Gallery

Starting May with this painting of Mythra most of you have probably already seen around
2021-05 Mythra.jpg

And a quick drawing of Edbart and Elvira Fatima, Bart's father and Margie's mother from Xenogears, based on Soraya Saga's artworks of them
2021-05 Fatima siblings.jpg
Thank you! I really like how Mythra turned out, it's by far one of my personal favorites.

Yeah, Edbart and Elvira don't even have official designs since they are barely named (I'm not even sure Elvira's name is dropped in the game itself?), so it's not really helping :p I might redraw them someday, this one isn't very good, I just wanted to draw them but not enough to take the time to draw them properly while having so many WIPs. I want to draw Bart's and Sigurd's moms someday too.

One of my actual WIPs was a redraw of Shion's EP3 concept art:
2021-05 Shion.jpg
I slightly modified the outfit (this crotch window was stupid), kept her EP3 hairstyle and gave her back her glasses (I was so disappointed when she lost them).
tell me you have a patreon, tell me you have a patreon, tell me you have a patreon...
Thank you all and apologies for the late answer! I've been very busy lately and couldn't find the time to come back here.
I did draw some new stuff though, so here we go!

Bart Xenogears
2021-05 Bart.jpg

A request of KOS-MOS v.3 wearing the Ibushi armor from Monster Hunter
2021-05 KOS-MOS MH.jpg

I didn't have time to complete new URTV art for URTVweek so I drew Citrine & Gaignun to go with my Albedo & Rubedo piece
2021-06 668-669.jpg

And Jr. Xenosaga because I love him
2021-06 Jr.jpg

Next fanarts should be Xenoblade 2, I have two big WIPs I hope to finish 🙏
New Lady of the Lake painting, this time with Shion:
2021-06 Shion.jpg
I don't know yet if this will become a series, maybe, maybe not. It's a realistic possibilty, though.

And I did the shirt cut meme challenge with Mythra and Malos (don't ask me why, I don't know either)
(you can find the individual pics on either Twitter or Tumblr, I'm Sicahyart on both)
Made a full digital artwork of the boob window crop top outfit from the meme, because why not
2021-06 Mythra&Malos.jpg

Twitter also made me draw gamer Malos
2021-06 Gamer Malos.jpg

And for the more serious/sad art...

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
2021-06 Who Tells Your Story.png

And Mikhail because he deserves way more fanarts
2021-07 Mikhail.jpg