Reverse Engineering Xenogears


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Aug 11, 2022
I recently have been getting into reverse engineering, so, I decided to see what was inside disc 1 of Xenogears. I used a tool called Ghidra to accomplish this. The original PlayStation's CPU uses MIPS instructions. It's important to choose the correct architecture in order for Ghidra to analyze the file correctly. Once the the file was analyzed, I combed through the assembly code to see what looked interesting and these are the strings that caught my eye.

NOTE: I also spotted a string with the name "Abel" but I forgot to screenshot it, sorry about that.


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Whoa! Very cool, it had never occurred to me to try and use a program like Ghidra to do something like this, that's clever. I'm excited to see what else you find, thank you for sharing!
I'm glad you found it interesting! I'm not an expert in reverse engineering, but, it was a fun and interesting experience to see the inner workings of these games nonetheless.