Question: has anyone scanned/catalogued the Xenogears art in Ishigaki's artbook 石垣純哉 仕事集~ROBOの石~?


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Nov 17, 2022
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I only became aware of the artbook's existence just now; not sure what all it has in it beyond a few Weltall and what looks to be early Xenogears, Stier, and Renmazuo designs(?) that Ive seen on google imgs. Don't think Ive seen all of that gear art anywhere in my time scrounging around for every piece of official art I can find of the game.
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Hello :)

You can read the scans about Xenogears by clicking the link in my tweet below :


Also for the persons who may be interested : the scans about Xenosaga are here :

Wow, Valkyrie you really have so many things! You are really very helpful!