Photography Thread

No stickers specially designed for RF70-200?
hmmm, I think it's just because I regard the r5c as a video shooting machine, so I didn't choose it carefully when I purchased it, and even just asked the store to help me get a "lens set suitable for shooting video", and then I bought it. . . 🙃

Thank you DRL-SIM for giving me a plane even though I knew I couldn't leave Hangzhou to participate in the competition.
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The photos I turned to when I was locked at home and I was bored seemed to be taken with a gfx100 (I didn't have a gfx100s at the time) or a Hasselblad h6d. I went to Tibet with a group, it was an unforgettable experience, I would love to go there again but it may be a long time away
I've been trying to post the pictures I took with my Nikon in NJ and they don't seem to want to upload. I think it may be the format. Sorry if you've been getting fake notifications for them.

Here are some pictures I took in Boston on my new phone a Pixel 7.



The building is a little crooked, I don't know if it's the electronic shutter of the phone or something else. For the camera, it's best to use a tilt-shift lens to shoot the building, so that you can get a similar effect:


Of course, the other photos are still good. I still didn't expect the phone to have such a good effect! I remember google's pixel7 has a 48MP telephoto lens?
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My friend's puppy had a birthday, and I helped to take pictures.
Well, I'm allergic to dogs, so Uhhh, it's hard right now
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Well, yes, the h6d has a flash.
Today I heard someone say that he thinks a camera with a flash is unprofessional, so I suggest that all beginners who are just getting started in photography do not buy Nikon or Sony. Instead, you should buy the Hasselblad h series, right?