Perfect Works Inspired Timelines [SPOILERS]


Jul 22, 2021
Wasn't too sure where to put this X) But I made a visualisation of my Xenoblade timeline, inspired by Perfect Works ofc. :D
Okay, I think I'm doing these for all of them. I enjoy making them but I also feel going over details like this helps me really comprehend all the things going on in the stories :) These really are summaries, but if there's anything I've got flat out wrong do let me know haha
Now doing the individual Xenoblades. Can see some of the mirroring in the stories too. Also I put PW Episode VI at the end of Xenoblade 1 only since I think it's the closest we've been to it, if XB1 and XB2 are in one way a retelling of Gears
Been a long while since I've posted here. But here's an updated and more comprehensive timeline for Xenoblade 1 to 3 so far :D

If there are any glaring mistakes then let me know. I believe the only particularly questionable bit is the stuff about the Liberators as I do include a bit of guesswork but otherwise it should all be good :)