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Jan 11, 2021
I'm Jordan Limonov, also known as Pineapple on Twitter and Senespera in online games. I'm a bit of a new Xeno fan, currently about halfway through Xenogears and planning on playing through the rest of them in release order. I tend to wiki-dive a lot, though, so I know just a bit more about the series than a new fan should.
My hobbies include writing, game development, a little bit of art, piano playing, and obviously playing video games. I tend to start a lot of projects and generally make time management a bit hellish for myself (seriously, I'm writing a web serial, developing an indie game, AND doing random sketches on the side not to mention the myriad of story ideas I have and video games I want to finisb) but I like to fully embrace the madness and try to pace them all out.
If you need me for anything, you can DM me on Twitter or Discord (JordanLimonov#8854) and I'll try and respond ASAP. Hope to get to know you guys better!