Godsibb February 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

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Nov 24, 2020
One of my favorite kind of posts in forums like these are the pickups threads and I figured Godsibb could use one as well. Threads like these are a nice and fun way of showing each other what kind of hobbies or things we are all into and the kind of stuff we tend to spend our hard earned cash on. I only ask that you post real pics. NO PICS FROM GOOGLE PLEASE. Real pictures taken by you. Otherwise have fun!

Kind of a small haul but I got some neat stuff! I really enjoyed Symphogear and I heard that the second season is even better so I am very excited to watch that! White Cat and How do we relationship are two manga, I've been eying for a while so I'm glad to finally spend some time reading them and of course got a couple games one of which is a bit uncommon but a lot of fun (Cotton). What's interesting about that particular release is that while it's the Japanese version, it actually has an option to change the text into English and even Chinese! It's not everyday you see an old game that isn't a PAL release support three languages like that. A North American version does exist and it's absurdly expensive and rare.



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