Getting Textures From XS2&XS3 without PCSX2


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Sep 10, 2023

So far I've gotten both font0 and font1 extracted from their respective XS3 bin archives! One of the font0 roman alphabet fonts was what I was actually after, but now I'm having a good time. Gonna make a ttf out of the Roman alphabet tiles. Don't think I'll do the kanji lol. Attached the zips of each file in case anyone wants 'em before I finish my own font.

[Used Noesis's "Raw Image Decode" function to save the whole thing as a bitmap. Used XNview to extract each channel's data. Then used an image splitter to split each one into 20x24 px squares. So we end up with a red, green, blue, and raw folder of 1024 squares for each 0 and 1. Some of the last few are blank because there isn't the same number of characters in each color. But each font image has kanji, katakana, hiragana, roman alphabet, cyrillic alphabet, and various symbols stored in a 20x24575 px image using each RGB channel to store 3 different symbols per square]

I'm trying to figure out what resources still exist for getting the rest of the XS2 and 3 textures. I have the unpacker tools, and Noesis works on most of the .txy files. Someone on ReShax linked me a zip with some visual code stuff, but most of it seems obsolete now. Someone told me they used "Noesis and QuickBMS" but then didn't tell me what scripts they used, so that was a dead end. I don't like using PCSX2 because then I have to be in the scene where I want the thing from.

I like making journal layouts with video game textures. Made a Kynseed and a No Man's Sky one so far, and I want to do a Xenosaga one. Of course the first two I did were easy since they're modern games.


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That's seriously impressive. I've messed around a little with PCSX2 and Texmod but never figured out how to grab the fonts that way, so it's very cool to see another method!