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Jan 2, 2021
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Hey everyone! Xenoblade 2 has a lot of cool Blades, so let's see what our favorites are! Please tag spoilers.

I'm not very good at combat or the technicalities or whatever, so my opinions are pretty much based on aesthetics or personality. My top 3 Story Blades would be Poppi, Pyra, and Jin. Poppi's design is adorable, I love her idle animations and battle quotes. Pyra obviously for story reasons, who doesn't like Pyra? :p Jin for the same reason, really pulled on my heartstrings.

As for Rare Blades, I honestly am not a fan of gacha mechanics so I didn't recruit many rare blades. From the few in my possession, I really like Finch and Wulfric's designs.

Excited to see your favorites!
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Story Blades:

-Pyra is very very nice. Love her from a story standpoint, although Mythra was better to use in battle.
-Brigid is beautiful and I love her and Morag both. I think they had a great dynamic.
Nia is both an amazing character and a fantastic blade, like holy cow she heals really well and is no slouch for auto attacks. I only wish I could put her on drivers other than Rex.
-Pandoria gets points for a great design.

Rare Blades:

-I am partial to KOS-MOS because... KOS-MOS, but also because I got super lucky and pulled her from a rare crystal towards the end of my playthrough.
-GORGE IS MY MAN THOUGH. Soraya Saga aqua-man JoJo stand boi who loves sweets. IDC that he's not the best in battle, he was one of my first rare pulls and was with me my whole run.
-Agate, Adenine, Vale, and Perun all have great female designs I like a lot.
-Finch was probably my favorite tank after Brigid.
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Top three story blades:
  • Pandoria! She has the cutest design ever, in my opinion, and I would so wear an outfit like hers in real life if I could!
  • Brighid. She's so elegant and powerful!
  • Jin. I think Jin was one of the first characters from xb2 that I saw, via fanart, & I liked his design so much that I wanted to know more about him (and didn't want to look up spoilers either-- nope, I wanted to experience it myself when I got xb2, which I eventually did!)
Top three rare blades:
  • VALE!! Not only was she my first rare blade pull, but when I saw her design, I legit gasped. I swear it's like she was made for me. aaaa I love my edgy goth daughter so much <3
  • Azami. I love that creepy doll aesthetic she's got going on!
  • Wulfric. At first, I was like, "OH NO HE'S HOT", then when I learned more about him, this changed to, "oh no he's hot AND a total sweetheart! oh noooo he's stolen my heart!"