Changes Coming to Xeno Underground!

  • We have officially opened today, 02Jan2021. Welcome to the forum. Please have fun!
Hey folks!

There's some changes coming to the way Xeno Underground is run soon!

With Godsibb back up and this beautiful, newly staffed forum, we will be going into read-only mode Dec 31st, 2021. I would like to keep the locked board up in perpetuity but since it's hosted elsewhere, this will be up to Forumotion eventually. Hopefully we'll be good for a while, though!

Other changes to the site will be:
  • Locking but maintaining all currently uploaded content
  • Move all content on XU to Godsibb
More will come as soon as it gets ramped up! Thank you for your patience!

Edit: I've updated this posting with our current plans on 10/16/2021.
It's been a pleasure. :>
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Nov 1, 2020
Hey folks, I'm testing the behavior of Forumotion's "on holiday" mode, which will allow users to view posts, but not reply to them. The new closure date is December 31st, 2021.

As for the rest of XU, I will be maintaining what's currently uploaded in place until I can no longer afford the web space, but I will not be taking on new content, since we can handle that in the Media section of Godsibb now.