Changes Coming to Xeno Underground!

  • We have officially opened today, 02Jan2021. Welcome to the forum. Please have fun!
Hey folks!

There's some changes coming to the way Xeno Underground is run soon!

With Godsibb back up and this beautiful, newly staffed forum, much later in 2021, we will be locking XU's forums and diverting traffic this-a-way. Lock won't take place until way later next year, so there will be a lot of time. I would like to keep the locked board up in perpetuity but since it's hosted elsewhere, this will be up to Forumotion eventually. Hopefully we'll be good for a while, though!

Other changes to the site will be:
  • Moving stuff to wordpress to make it easier to process contributions
  • New Look and feel for the site
More will come as soon as it gets ramped up! Thank you for your patience!
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