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SFD2MPG 2022-08-18

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All movie files on the Xenosaga 3 iso are saved in a format called .sfd. This is an old format that originates on the Dreamcast. While I have no idea how or why a late-era PS2 game used Dreamcast movie files, this works just the same. I had to go on some risky websites to find it as it's a tool from the early 2000s, so I am archiving it here now that I know the files are clean and they work as intended. Thank you Pro Evolution Soccer community for making this tool available to use.

sfd2mpg : DreamCast SFD->MPG converter

This software convert DreamCast Movie file (.sfd) to MPEG-1 (.mpg).

you need external mp2(MPEG-1 Audio Layer I/II) encoder.
default is tooLAME.
you also can use mp3(MPEG-1 Audio Layer II),but can't play with Windows Media Player(very noisy). I heard Xing Mpeg Player work fine with mp3.
in my view, famous LAME or gogo encoder looks can't generate layer I/II. is it right?

sfd2mpg [-c "encoder"] <sfd file>

-c "encoder"

ex: use tooLAME with 160kbps

sfd2mpg -c "toolame32 -b 160" movie.sfd

ex: use SCMPX with Layer-II

sfd2mpg -c "C:\progra~1\scmpx\scmpx /e /l2" movie.sfd

What is sfd?

SFD format is almost same MPEG-1 System format.

o audio streams is ADX adpcm format.
o video stream is I,P picture only. not used B picture.
o usualy mpeg has one system header for audio and video,
but sfd has two system header: one for audio, another for video.
o sometime additional data at top of file.

tooLAME (Win32 binary)
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