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    I'm already noticing similarites to both Xenogears and Xenosaga. But yea, this one is giving me just big Xenogears vibes tonally. So not super spoilery spoilers because I'm only in chapter 2 and they did show these guys in the trailers, but the whole story feels like it's taking a similar tone...
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    It's pretty cool to see a new fan of the series coming into it out of context in a sense from something that plays as differently as smash. I'm glad it clicked and you're enjoying the series so far! Welcome on!
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    Great to have you here and no worries, the hardest part of using forums to me in a post discord world is remembering to check them! And I used to use them a good bit even!
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    Welcome on, new fans are a large part of what keeps this whole thing going! Glad to see you here in any capacity!
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    Yo good on you for trying to get those transcribed! That's a great cause. The music in this series definitely deserves that kind of love! Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello, don't worry, we are capable of appreciating Xenosaga II on many levels here despite it's flaws. In any case, game still has a lot going for it! Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome on, lots of fans of all xenos here! Some click on different levels more so than others so I definitely get you there. Lurk away!
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    Hey :)

    Heeeeeyyy I recognize you! Welcome, sorry it's late! Glad to have ya!
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    Xenoblade X love is definitely speaking my language. Falcom love is too, welcome aboard the Xeno fandom white whale!
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    Taro do be also drinking the good kool-aid like Takahashi. Late welcome from me, master of not checking the forum often!
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    Hi there!

    Yet another late welcome brought to you by me!
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    The last bastion of Xeno fun?

    Wow I'm almost a year behind but welcome!
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    Hello World!

    Nice snatching that opportunity for the Hitchhiker's Guide reference! Also belated welcome to you! Always good to see more Xenosaga appreciators here and nice to hear you're pushing your self to learn more! (Actually interesting idea to think of that this post kinda connected the dots in my...
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    KOS-MOS's external appearance is always down 5% why doesn't she just take a shower? Does she...

    KOS-MOS's external appearance is always down 5% why doesn't she just take a shower? Does she need Shion to sponge bath her? Is it like washing your car? Important shower related shower thoughts.
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    omg these are hilarious and great