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  • We have officially opened today, 02Jan2021. Welcome to the forum. Please have fun!
I added an extra layer of captcha. Hopefully that will stop the influx of spam. Another round of patching will be done in early Nov. Sorry for the inconvenience.
KOS-MOS's external appearance is always down 5% why doesn't she just take a shower? Does she need Shion to sponge bath her? Is it like washing your car? Important shower related shower thoughts.
somehow managed to heck up my sleep schedule so bad this week it reset and I woke up at a normal hour today. task failed successfully
caffeine shark do do do do do, caffeine shark
this status update/earworm brought to you by the realization that I have to be continuously putting caffeine in my body the entire time I'm awake or I'll immediately pass out, like a shark if it stops swimming