Xenosaga web オンリー (Xenosaga web only) 2/25/2023 experience

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Sep 1, 2021
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Last weekend I attended my very first online convention, which was also my first Japanese-language convention! It was so much fun, and I hope you guys will support the circles who participated!

It's been a busy week so I want to write down some of my thoughts before too much time passes. I'll try to update/add more to this later; I want to post it before my draft gets eaten, lmao.


The con took place on pictSQUARE, which lets you run a virtual event and set up a custom pixel-based map. You can even use your own sprites and animation effects. During the event, it was possible to download custom sprites of the 100-Series and the URTVs.

Each circle designed their own storefront. There were Xenosaga-themed layouts available to use, or circles could create a unique look. From within the store, visitors could see any samples or free works that were shared for the event, purchase doujinshi and merchandise sold through pictSPACE (pictSQUARE's in-house/supported printing options) or external shops like Pixiv BOOTH, leave comments for the circle, and chat with other players.

The event was held on Saturday from 10AM-12 midnight JST. Because of the time difference, I was able to attend on Friday evening, until I eventually couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I woke up a few hours later and logged back on to catch the closing ceremonies!

The theme was from A.D. 20xx and the map was designed to be Lake Turkana, with Dr. T. Masuda's campsite near the Zohar discovery location. Users took selfies with Dr. Masuda and the Zohar. Getting too close to the Zohar would cause you to ascend to a higher plane of existence—that is, exit the game, lmao. (This is also how we all left when the event was over.)

I was able to listen to a Twitter space hosted by serico (personal circle salyut) and tukasa. It was exciting to hang out, even though I really only recognized very common vocabulary words and the characters' names.

While I was asleep, there was a group photo, and some users had picnics with Xenosaga's favorite meal, plates of delicious curry. pictSQUARE had an option to toggle "screenshot mode" which blurred the storefronts and removed usernames to protect both the copyright of the circles and the privacy of those in attendance.

I chose a black cat avatar so I could be Gaignun the Cat while exploring the venue. All of the default avatars, and the custom ones, were really cute. Everybody involved did so much amazing, creative work, and everyone was so kind. You could feel how much love we all shared for the games. ❤️ It was an absolute blast.

Some limited-time items sold out (such as serico's URTV keychains, and yoyo's KOS-MOS acrylic standee) but other items are still available for sale through pictSPACE and Pixiv BOOTH, which can both ship internationally via Buyee (depending on the circle's settings). I'm using Buyee for the first time, and if anyone has questions, I can try my best to answer! I would recommend setting up a Japanese address with Tenso.com (forwarding service) prior to an event, because Buyee doesn't work with everything. Please note that Tenso and Buyee cannot ship 18+ items.

Participants posted to Twitter with the hashtag #from20xxAD. Since the event took place just before Xenosaga's 21st anniversary, there are a lot of recent posts celebrating Episode I's birthday, too.

The official twitter is https://twitter.com/fromAD20xx. The pictSQUARE event has ended, but information about the circles who participated is still listed on the event page.

I had so much fun, and I hope you all can enjoy it vicariously through this post. If they run the event again, I would love to attend, and maybe even try to set up my own shop. (You weren't required to sell anything; many circles just had fanart/fics to share for free, for love of Xenosaga.) Please check out everyone's artwork, fics, and screenshots of the event!

Participating Circles​

View: https://twitter.com/yamanoserika/status/1632358188019511297?s=20

View: https://twitter.com/yamanoserika/status/1629043076210606080?s=20



View: https://twitter.com/fromAD20xx/status/1629296958987993091

View: https://twitter.com/fromAD20xx/status/1629045236273131522

View: https://twitter.com/elendraug/status/1630427100220981248

View: https://twitter.com/yoyo_kindless/status/1629740350385582083?s=20

More TBC
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Apr 11, 2022
Feel the fullness of my envy as though we were connected through the Collective Unconscious, O Walker of the Proto-UMN!

Seriously, that is awesome, and like Valkyrie said, thank you for sharing! 🤩