What are you playing?

I'm playing the paper doll , a Chinese horror game. It's not only scared but also difficult...
I showed up at Animal Crossing two years late with Starbucks, but I've been playing that and Starbound casually. Tending to my little virtual living space(s) makes my brain chemistry go brrrr.
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Tending to my little virtual living space(s) makes my brain chemistry go brrrr.

I probably already recommended it to you previously, but you (and anyone else interested) may enjoy Viridi, which lets you tend to a virtual succulent garden. It has relaxing music.

Screenshot of the gameplay in Viridi. Two cats (possibly statues) wearing sunglasses sit behind a planter of succulents.
I'm currently playing ff7r and tales of zestiria on steam. The former is always what I look forward to, while the latter is what Kare told me. She also loves toz. I wonder if there are still people who like tales series here? I also want to try berseria later if I have enough time.
I recently played both the Sonic Adventure games for the first time. Took me a while to warm up to SA1 but I really liked it by the end. SA2 had a lot of level design I disliked, but the ambitious story and the character stuff in general (Knuckles & Rouge's weird sexual tension, Shadow in general, Eggman being a real motherfucker) makes it hard for me to dislike it as a whole. The only Sonic games I've played that came after these are Mania and Generations which were both pretty good, but it's a shame that a lot of the later 3D games in general seem to have lost what made the Adventure games interesting for me.

Now I'm playing Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia, a 2hu game that's heavily inspired by Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2. I'm loving it so far, probably having more fun with it than I have with an SMT game since the PS2 era.
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I've been playing Phantasy Star Universe on the Clementine private server. It's quite cozy. Also got me in the mood to go back and play through Phantasy Star 2 and 3, as I've only finished 1 and 4. Good sci-fi JRPGs are so rare.
Finished Phantasy Star 2. If you can get around the rough edges of the gameplay (typical old JRPG stuff) then the premise, characters and atmosphere are easily some of the best in the genre. Played the Phantasy Star 2 text adventures as well. I think this game just put Phantasy Star up there with Xenogears and Xenosaga for me.
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I was playing Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise until for some reason it wanted to stop saving over steam. I was enjoying it though.
Well, I got to Phantasy Star 3 expecting it to be one of those games that's hated just because it tried to do something weird and different (ala Dragon Quarter) but nope, it's just legitimately a bad game. Neat ideas, neat character designs, but both are completely wasted on it.