Share your Xeno collections!

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Jan 2, 2021
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Hey everyone! Thought it'd be a fun idea to share what kind of trinkets and merch we all have, whether it be official or fan merch, limited edition stuff, physical games, figures, etc.

I've got to clean my messy room, so I don't have many photos to share ^^; Last September I received my order from JoyPendant (I assume most of you are familiar with her, if not here's her Twitter, she's a fantastic artist) including Bart and Zohar pins, a sticker, and a charm! (Zohar couldn't take a good picture of, but I assure you it is beautiful!)


Besides those, I've also got:
- Xenogears limited edition shirt from The Yetee
- Xenosaga limited edition shirt from The Yetee
- MyNintendo Xenoblade stickers
- artbooks
- Monado pin

Looking forward to seeing what kinds of cool stuffs you've all collected!
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Nov 1, 2020
Nice collection! I also picked up some of the Joypendant drops a while back:

In addition I also own the Xenosaga I official art book and a sealed collector's addition of Xenoblade 2:

I have the Yeetee saga shirt as well as another one I picked up with KOS-MOS, I'll post more when I have the chance to take some pics. :)


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Nov 1, 2020
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I keep forgetting to post my stuff in here. orz

A series of books on a shelf with titles in English and Japanese, mostly pertaining to Xenosaga (several comic anthologies, the Official Design Materials for XSI, and art books for the anime series and XSIII). There is also a copy of the Ghost In The Shell novel After The Long Goodbye and an artbook for the Robocop movies.
(Yes, I consider the GITS and Robocop books to be part of my Xeno library. No, I will not elaborate.)
Most of the other ones are official, except for the Pied Piper fan anthology.

Two handmade charms featuring fan art of Doctus and Juli and Ziggy, displayed on the side of a computer case. Between them is a sticker of Unikitty from the Lego movie.
Charms by NihilismBot!

A color drawing of Ziggy protecting MOMO. A drawing of MOMO sitting on Ziggy's shoulder. A sepia-toned portrait of Ziggy, Juli, and MOMO in profile.
Fanarts by Kat! Starting with the first thing I commissioned from them in 2006. <3 (I have a lot more around the house, these are just a few of my favorites.)

A rectangular magnet featuring a 3D rendering of MOMO and Sakura holding hands.
Fridge magnet with Kare Reiko's 3D art. I ordered it years ago and the print got a bit faded, but it's still gorgeous.

A figure of MOMO on a shelf with other figurines, including Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z and Barret from Final Fantasy VII.
My husband has a bunch of KOS-MOS figures but here's MOMO hanging out with some cool dads. (Someday I will add Ziggy to the dad squad, even if I have to make him with my own two hands. 😤)