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Nov 1, 2020
Hewwoe! I've moved my old art over to Smugmug for now!

The format isn't optimal but it's very nice for my attention span these days.

My archives are available as zips on my Patreon account, which I've put up for absolutely free!

I'm keeping the original text in this post for posterity, since as of 2023, I exited out of both Patreon and Smugmug as platforms. However, you can find my work as I rebuild my archive at https://halite.style!

I've made myself a gallery here, too! It won't be super-duper complete, as I don't feel like all of my older art has withstood the test of time, but it's better than nothing! https://godsibb.net/index.php?media/albums/kats-xeno-art.80/
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Oh hi! It's been a while, isn't it? I've since ditched Smugmug, but reinstated trying to reorganize my own artwork on my website, which has also changed since 2020, though I still have spadenet as an addon domain.


I've done relatively few Xeno pieces since the start of the pandemic, but I'll put them here to populate this thread a bit!

Cammuravi (XB3)


An alternative take on Brighid, suited a little better for probable practical cosplay one day, but perhaps not in those heels. For legal reasons, this is not meant as criticism for the original design.


Many years ago, I was considering getting a tattoo of Xenogears. I never ended up settling on anything, but I did like this one, which is supposed to be Id-Xenogears. Fun fact, the background image for Xeno Underground up until 2023 was Id-Xenogears as a hint to the tattoo, but I never summoned the willpower and money at the same time to get it.