1. Feenie

    Feenie's Non-Xeno Fics

    I write a lot for other fandoms, not just the Xeno meta-series! I can't explain my process beyond "I've got an idea for a fic, maybe I can put it to paper and share it with the world", aha. So, let's start with my multi-crossover series for Friday Night Funkin's Corruption AU...
  2. Clouded Veil

    Clouded Veils Works

    My fanfictions: A Way Around Things Rating: T A Shion and Jr. fic. \0/ Thinking of You (Spoiler Warning) Rating: T (with trigger warning included) Antithetical Failsafe...
  3. Elendraug

    Elendraug's fics/projects

    Here are some of the fics I've written over the last year or so! These are fairly spoiler-free, but be aware that the rest of my AO3 has works that explore the full series with a variety of content ratings and warnings, so if you haven't finished Xenosaga in its entirety, you may want to wait...