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  1. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Made a full digital artwork of the boob window crop top outfit from the meme, because why not Twitter also made me draw gamer Malos And for the more serious/sad art... Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story And Mikhail because he deserves way more fanarts
  2. 2021-07 Mikhail.jpg

    2021-07 Mikhail.jpg

  3. 2021-06 Who Tells Your Story.png

    2021-06 Who Tells Your Story.png

  4. 2021-06 Gamer Malos.jpg

    2021-06 Gamer Malos.jpg

  5. 2021-06 Mythra&Malos.jpg

    2021-06 Mythra&Malos.jpg

  6. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
  7. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    New Lady of the Lake painting, this time with Shion: I don't know yet if this will become a series, maybe, maybe not. It's a realistic possibilty, though. And I did the shirt cut meme challenge with Mythra and Malos (don't ask me why, I don't know either) (you can find the individual pics on...
  8. shirtcut.jpg


  9. 2021-06 Shion.jpg

    2021-06 Shion.jpg

  10. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Drifting Soul This Jin and Malos version of the Xenosaga artwork has been on my mind for quite a while now, I'm glad I finally made it, and I'm happy with how it turned out!
  11. 2021-06 Drifting Soul.jpg

    2021-06 Drifting Soul.jpg

  12. Sicahya

    Amm's xenofanarts

    I really like your first Shion/KOS-MOS, suit Mythra, and the palette practice! Great art!
  13. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Thank you all and apologies for the late answer! I've been very busy lately and couldn't find the time to come back here. I did draw some new stuff though, so here we go! Bart Xenogears A request of KOS-MOS v.3 wearing the Ibushi armor from Monster Hunter I didn't have time to complete new...
  14. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Thank you! I drew Medena again for Mother's Day, I love her so much:
  15. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    I missed drawing Jr. so I painted my two favorite URTV
  16. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Ahah, thank you, but I don't have one yet. Maybe someday!
  17. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Thank you! I really like how Mythra turned out, it's by far one of my personal favorites. Yeah, Edbart and Elvira don't even have official designs since they are barely named (I'm not even sure Elvira's name is dropped in the game itself?), so it's not really helping :p I might redraw them...
  18. Sicahya

    Sicahyart Gallery

    Starting May with this painting of Mythra most of you have probably already seen around And a quick drawing of Edbart and Elvira Fatima, Bart's father and Margie's mother from Xenogears, based on Soraya Saga's artworks of them
  19. Sicahya

    Xeno-related Meme's I've made since being a fan

    Picture taken right before disaster. "And then they never got out of the Xeno Hell"
  20. Sicahya

    Xeno-related Meme's I've made since being a fan

    KOS-MOS ver.4 is beautiful, though I do like the zipper top of ver.1 and the tights of ver.3. But the faces of XS3 are some of the best of the whole series.