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  1. alterimpulse

    One tiny step for America, one big boot to Donald Trump's pestilent ass

    One tiny step for America, one big boot to Donald Trump's pestilent ass
  2. alterimpulse

    Xenogears: The Perfect Edition

    I will gladly do so! Only thing is I don't speak Japanese so I can't do a retranslation. That said, I am a writer and editor so if it's anything from proofing to "this can be worded in three ways, all of which are correct, which sounds most natural" to making Liquid Sky flow as playable (or at...
  3. alterimpulse

    Spoiler The Shipping News (keep it SFW, NO UNDER 18 SHIPS PLEASE!)

    So my ships: My OTP: Bart/Billy: Probably my least problematic ship (I only ship it with 18+ year old Billy well after the game). My kind-of theory on it is Margie and Bart just doesn't work out for its own reasons, both leave for finding their true happiness since Aveh/the Fatima Dynasty...
  4. alterimpulse

    Spoiler The Shipping News (keep it SFW, NO UNDER 18 SHIPS PLEASE!)

    Note on the under 18 thing: That means no shipping WHILE the character is a minor. If you envision a character as adult I extend good faith there - e.g. if you say you ship Billy with someone I'll assume it's post-game when enough time has passed for him to be at least 18 (as the game itself...
  5. alterimpulse

    Original Character: Donut Steel

    Never really seen much of a need there, myself - I tend to prefer giving backstory to existing NPCs and the like for the most part, although that might make them original characters. Although I've created a few bit part OCs, and I once wrote a mini story of an original character who was a child...
  6. alterimpulse


    :3 Nice to see you here! Also the seeker of shower meme is hilarious
  7. alterimpulse

    Dark plotbunny inspired by writing the comment about a remake...

    I'll probably never write this one, but for a dark "after ending ending for Xenogears" it popped into my mind, and so just posting it here as a plotbunny for anyone of interest. Rescue parties arrive at the planet, and find only one person there, Fei. Everyone else is dead after Id came back...
  8. alterimpulse

    Xenogears Remake

    Personally I would be more for a graphical style like FFXIV or Persona/Catherine (as much as I don't like Catherine) - something that kind of isn't old-style sprites yet isn't FFVIIR or The Last Of Us 2 either. Having played FFXIV I can say doing Gear combat in that visual style would be amazing...
  9. alterimpulse

    Godsibb January 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

    Can't play it until I get the shared Switch moved to my monitor and set up but look what I just bought :)
  10. alterimpulse

    Food thread~

  11. alterimpulse

    Ethical/moral changes over 2020?

    I wonder if anyone else went through some major personal ethical and moral changes over 2020? Here, I went from being way too liberal/sex-positive to the point where I have no doubt that my pro-ship stances or NSFW fics or my sense of humor probably made people feel uncomfy or take me for a...
  12. alterimpulse

    Spoiler Xeno Boss Thread

    Oh yeah the Id fight. There's actually a couple of gimmicks to that, which I exploit the hell out of every time I do my no Citan damage challenge. The Black Snake whip for Bart saps his ether attack, for one...
  13. alterimpulse

    Spoiler Xeno Boss Thread

    Having only played Xenogears, for that game alone I would give it to three bosses. From a challenge/actual difficulty/strategy perspective, the Kislev Cliffs battleship chase and the Dora. It's literally one of the very few fights where you DO have to strategically manage your fuel resources...
  14. alterimpulse

    Xenogears: The Perfect Edition

    If you need a scenario writer onboard (I can't program stuff etc) I would like to offer my help in writing out Liquid Sky as a playable scenario (I honestly feel that it belongs there because of its odd status as "half canon" literally being from one of the creators herself, and would bridge the...
  15. alterimpulse

    General Rules and Terms

    Absolutely fine with that :)
  16. alterimpulse

    Meme checkpoint

    edit of another meme that went around for a while
  17. alterimpulse

    Meme checkpoint

    Made this one, too...
  18. alterimpulse

    Meme checkpoint

    I did make this one. And yes, the design on it sucks because I was making it in a hurry for an ongoing discussion at the time... and wanted it to still fit and be relevant.