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  1. katimus

    What is your favorite Xeno game and why?

    I really like all of the Xeno games and I tend to cycle out top faves depending on my mood. Usually though, it's Xenosaga I, Xenogears and Xenoblade 2. Xenosaga I is the only Xenosaga with my favorite character in it, along with it also catching my fall when I was in a really bad place in...
  2. katimus

    Bonjour !

    Welcome, Val! ^_^
  3. katimus


    Welcome, Owen! Hope you have a good time here!
  4. katimus


    Hey Queenie! ♡
  5. katimus


    Hey, wretched thing! ^_^ Seriously tho you're awesome Radio! :3
  6. katimus

    Hey everyone ^^

    Glad to see you here Sirah! ^_^
  7. katimus


    Hello Beqqa! Hope you have fun here! ^_^
  8. katimus


    Hello! Hope you have fun here! ^_^
  9. katimus


    Glad to see you here, Jordan! That sounds like a lot!
  10. katimus

    Xenogears: The Perfect Edition

    This project is exciting!! If I had more free time on my hands I'd love to help. Is there any need for stuff like monetary donations to keep infrastructure afloat?
  11. katimus

    Erin's Xenosaga junk

    I love your fics, Erin!!! Thank you for sharing!! ^_^
  12. katimus

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    As much as I like the pay once model on PC, the mobile ports costing anything seem like a huge faux pas. I don't think my phone would be able to run it since I only have a Galaxy S6 that I really should just give in and upgrade but I can't imagine trying to do art on it outside of frying the...
  13. katimus

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    Erin asked me to cross-link this here! It looks to be a life-changer but I haven't actually used it myself due to my terrible time management skills View:
  14. katimus

    Kat's Art

    THANKS, JESSI!!! <3
  15. katimus

    Food thread~

    Ohhhh that looks delicious!!
  16. katimus

    Kat's Art

    THANK YOU ERIN!!!! <3 ILU2
  17. katimus

    Changes Coming to Xeno Underground!

    Yeah, I wanted to wait until Godsibb was 100% open before doing anything, so I'll wait! :3
  18. katimus


    Yeah, I had become a cutscene skipper early in ARR and having skipped Heavensward and Stormblood to get to Shadowbringers made my experience very disjointed and incomplete, without that skip, I'd have never learned to play confidently because I'm so shy and it is so hard for me to burrow into...
  19. katimus


    My attention span is terrible because I spend too much time playing FFXIV these days, but I thought it worth mentioning here! I was long skeptical of any storyline an MMO could sport, and I am a little sad players of single-player games are edged out by the social structure MMOs force people...