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  1. whyfish

    Meme checkpoint

    Not to get political in here but:
  2. whyfish

    What's poppin gamers

    how do you do, fellow pogchamp c:
  3. whyfish

    What are you listening to?

    Current mood: defiantly doing housework to this. View:
  4. whyfish

    What are you listening to?

    I keep inexplicably getting the national anthem of the Soviet Union stuck in my head, but I don't mind because it's kind of a banger.
  5. whyfish

    things I have googled today: - can you 3D print polypropylene - pharyngeal teeth

    things I have googled today: - can you 3D print polypropylene - pharyngeal teeth
  6. whyfish


    Hey there, welcome aboard! :3
  7. whyfish

    Food thread~

    For dinner last night I made the only food in Xenosaga curry: I will forever be indebted to Kat for bringing Golden Curry into my life, btw. <3 (Yes I'm 35 years old with a mortgage, yes I still eat most of my food at my desk and use my drawing tablet as a tray because I'm an absolute...
  8. whyfish

    Monster Hunter series

    It's really cool! I think the extra decorations are for a holiday event. I like the environments in general--the third fleet ship (er, airship? half a ship?) is another one of my favorites. I was playing online with some long distance friends recently and one of them mentioned Bobobo-Bo...
  9. whyfish

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    Blegh, that's annoying. I have an LG phone and was able to download it at least, but it wouldn't let me use my login to register (something about it not being allowed on that device, idk). I thought maybe it was because I technically have my desktop version of Clip Studio Paint registered on...
  10. whyfish


    Welcome! :3
  11. whyfish

    Pets thread! :3

    Because everyone knows the internet is for viewing pictures of cats and other nonhuman companions, feel free to post yours here! You can also share photos/videos of other people's pets (a la Dogspotting) and stuff you find around the internet. Unusual pets are highly encouraged but please be...
  12. whyfish

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    Unhelpful Eraser is amazing. (And a good example of how versatile Clip Studio's tool settings are, I think! I never played around much with custom brushes in Photoshop because I had a prehistoric copy of CS2 [literally right up until Adobe yanked their registration servers a few months back so I...
  13. whyfish

    It’s this thread. It’s something about this thread... (hey)

    Welcome! Nice to meet you too! It's always good to see new fans getting into the series. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  14. whyfish

    Hey everyone ^^

    Welcome, Sirah! Glad to have you back! :3
  15. whyfish


    Welcome!! :3
  16. whyfish

    Food thread~

    I roasted some chestnuts, as is tradition. I eated most of them but I got Jerami to try one and he was thoroughly weirded out. "This is a nut? Why is it soft???" Oh, sweetie.
  17. whyfish

    Monster Hunter series

    YES BLEASE PLAY WITH US also VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE It has come to my attention that you can, in fact, pet the kitty at certain locations in Iceborne (e.g. the footbath in the Seliana Gathering Hub). You can also customize your love nest living quarters. uwu admiral-senpai~
  18. whyfish

    Monster Hunter series

    NPC appreciation update: my two favorite activities are acquiring pets and taking screenshots every time my character interacts with Richard Epcar's. gay me of the year For inevitable reasons I am also in love with the Endemic Life Researcher.
  19. whyfish

    What are you listening to?

    'Tis the season: View: Currently feeling it not just for next year but the remaining 2 weeks of this one.
  20. whyfish

    Meme checkpoint

    I was looking through my tumblr archives for something else but this abomination found me first. anyway HK your glorious meme reminded me of this for some reason! this was relevant in 2012 I swear to doge