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  1. jessiray

    Meme checkpoint

  2. jessiray

    Godsibb January 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

    I am always amazed at how much merch some obscure Japanese games and such get. Those figures are hella cute btw!
  3. jessiray

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately and REALLY hoping it's Stone Ocean. Please. PLEASE? I know I shitpost about SBR a lot and stan for Gyro but Jolyne might be my favorite Joe and the cast of SO is very underrated. (PLEASE DP)
  4. jessiray

    I'm like 3 weeks late to the meme but for good measure, I am preemptively banning Donald Trump...

    I'm like 3 weeks late to the meme but for good measure, I am preemptively banning Donald Trump from Godsibb too.
  5. jessiray

    What is your favorite Xeno game and why?

    I'll be honest: Xenosaga is my jam, and I started this website initially (way back in 2009) because I desperately needed to talk to people about it. I come back to it time after time in my life because no other game series and few other mediums of work have affected my life the way Xenosaga has...
  6. jessiray

    What's poppin gamers

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
  7. jessiray

    Meme checkpoint

  8. 1080p Xenosaga Prologue With Audio

    1080p Xenosaga Prologue With Audio

  9. Dandere 2x Prologue Test 1

    Dandere 2x Prologue Test 1

    1. Ran Dandere2x twice 2. Sharpened 2496 x 1792 video output in ffmpeg 3. Downscaled to 1080p in ffmpeg I lost the audio but it's a good start
  10. jessiray

    Original Character: Donut Steel

    I had an idea at one point for a realian OC who was sort of a 'missing link' between the Kirshwassers and Momo ('sentient' like Momo for a lack of a better term, but without the fancy y-data storage and Momo's special abilities) who says 'fuck this' and becomes a mech pilot for hire/galaxy...
  11. jessiray


    Welcome, welcome, welcome! I know exactly what you mean about wiki-diving, I've done much the same myself! I hope you have fun here!
  12. Gaia CG - 1080p - Pre-Processed

    Gaia CG - 1080p - Pre-Processed

    Preprocessed at 100% resolution then upscaled to 1080p
  13. Upscale Test 2 - Topaz Artemis LQ 1080p

    Upscale Test 2 - Topaz Artemis LQ 1080p

    Testing video upscaling
  14. Test 1

    Test 1

    First upscale test
  15. Xenosaga 3 Upscale Test

    Xenosaga 3 Upscale Test

    Testing AI video upscale
  16. jessiray

    Erin's Xenosaga junk

    I love your art Erin! I have always admired how much shape you give to faces and bodies. That cybernetic enhancement Ziggy at the top of the fanart page is just wow...!
  17. jessiray

    Xenogears Remake

    Yeah like TWEWY! My mind also went to Octopath Traveler. For disclosure: I'm speaking as someone who has tried but never completed Xenogears (boo, how do I run this site?! boo). I'd love to see it keep the sprite style because I think it had a lot of charm. Keeping the 90s sci-fi vibe would go...
  18. jessiray


    Hey hey! Welcome to the board. I hope you have a lot of fun, make a lot of friends, and just make yourself at home in general. :) We're glad to have you here.
  19. jessiray

    Pets thread! :3

    This is my boy JoJo. He is very good! He's 50% Akita, and 100% good boi.
  20. jessiray

    Spoiler Xeno Boss Thread

    I really enjoyed beating the crap out of Kevin. Yeah, I gotta agree with this. The T-Elos boss fight was really well done. Also Yuriev. Man XS3 had so many great boss fights.