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  1. whyfish

    Pets thread! :3

    Because everyone knows the internet is for viewing pictures of cats and other nonhuman companions, feel free to post yours here! You can also share photos/videos of other people's pets (a la Dogspotting) and stuff you find around the internet. Unusual pets are highly encouraged but please be...
  2. whyfish

    3D Printing/Modeling General Interest Thread

    So this might end up being more appropriate for the Xeno fanart section, and/or split up into multiple threads, but we were discussing 3D printing on the server yesterday and I believe there are also some artists in the fandom who've done or are interested in doing stuff with model rips, so I...
  3. whyfish

    Monster Hunter series

    So Jerami got me to start playing Monster Hunter World recently and I know nothing about the game(s) beyond what I've experienced firsthand and I am very bad at everything but I'm still having fun! Yay? Let's talk about Monster Hunter! Here are my terrible characters at the beginning of the...
  4. whyfish

    Erin's Xenosaga junk

    I made a website for the highly specific brand of bullsh*t I've been on since circa 2006. Some content may be NSFW and/or contain mature themes, so please proceed with caution. General TW for Ziggy's canon backstory and associated implications. Also have a meandering but mostly Xeno-centric...
  5. whyfish

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    So, Clip Studio Paint has been my go-to art program since @katimus got it for me a few years ago, and I'm still finding out about new features and tools I didn't know it had. Feel free to drop your favorite assets, tutorials, questions, advice, WIPs, and other Clip Studio-related discussion in...
  6. whyfish

    Food thread~

    CW food/alcohol Torment us with the last thing you ate (with or without photos) and/or a recipe you'd like to share with the class! Yesterday I made a discount Thanksgiving dinner (chicken and gravy with a variety of potato-type things, and green beans), possibly the first time I've done a...
  7. whyfish

    What are you listening to?

    Mandatory "share your current earworm" thread. :B YouTube keeps recommending me different mixes with the same 30 goth/post-punk/'80s songs on them and I don't even mind. This is the only holiday spirit I'm getting into this year.
  8. whyfish

    Favorite relationship(s)?

    What are everyone's favorite Xenosaga ships? (As in your OTP, not the Durandal. ;P ) Platonic and otherwise non-romantic relationships are welcome too. Mine are probably infamous to anyone who has spent 0.2 seconds around me, but I'm curious about everyone else's! Discuss! :3c
  9. whyfish

    h-hewwo? (´・ω・`)

    Hope it's OK if I test this out! I'm Erin (a.k.a. stitchedmoon, whyfish) and I use they/them for myself, but any pronouns are fine. I've been obsessed with Xenosaga since 2003, got involved with the fandom in 2006, and I never, ever shut up about it. C: I'm less familiar with Gears and Blade...