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  • We have officially opened today, 02Jan2021. Welcome to the forum. Please have fun!
  1. jessiray


    Hey everyone, welcome to! I hope you enjoy it here. Bringing this back has been an effort a while in the making. Thanks everyone so much for your help and support getting back online. I hope we can be here for the Xeno community for years to come. Cheers y'all!
  2. jessiray

    WIP Thread

    Show off any cool creative things you're working on! Drawings, writings, garden-ings, 3dprintings, antique furniture restoration, you name it! I think it's fun to show off stuff you're working on and to see how others progress through their ideas and creative processes. I'll share a couple of...
  3. jessiray

    New Themes and Features!

    Hello all! I am pleased to announce a large update to the board. NEW THEMES!!!!! KOS-MOS Dark Theme Xenoblade Light Theme Xenogears Mid-Dark Theme (WIP) Try 'em out today! NEW ADD-ONS!!!!! Cover Images - Allows users to set cover images to their profiles, resources, and article threads...
  4. jessiray

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    (Note: I figured this would be a good series to test out the etiquette of how we should format series threads where people may be on differing levels of completion) This is a thread pertaining to the general discussion of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime and manga series. Please post any...
  5. jessiray

    Board Suggestion Thread

    If you have any suggestions for boards to add or ways we can organize existing boards, please post them here. I have the skeleton down but I know there are things I overlooked or which could be improved. :)
  6. jessiray

    Meme checkpoint

    This is a meme checkpoint. Post the best memes you've got on you.
  7. jessiray

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    What have you been watching recently? My husband and I started watching Higarashi: When They Cry (the original version) over October for Halloween. We're excited to get caught up so we can watch the reboot. Before that we really enjoyed Beastars and Dorohedoro. Consider this a recommendation...
  8. jessiray

    Which party members do you use?

    I was thinking back to how fun each one was to play. I remember I used Ziggy a lot and almost always had him and Momo in my party during Episode I. Later I ended up using Jin a lot more and had chaos as my main healer IIRC.
  9. jessiray

    Welcome to the Community Beta

    Hi All, It's with much fanfare that I announce that is officially open to the XenoChat community for beta registrations and posting! Please post to the board and engage in discussion at your leisure. It's our goal to become an engaging community for discussions all things Xeno and...