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  1. Aidan Uzuki

    Resonant Arc Xeno Series Analysis

    Following this with interest.
  2. Aidan Uzuki

    Hey Guys, Luxqaer here!

    Sometimes real life is hard!
  3. Aidan Uzuki

    Hey Guys, Luxqaer here!

    Agh! It seems I never formally welcomed you here! Welcome welcome, and thank you for participating in threads!
  4. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenosaga Pied Piper fan recreation (announcement and demo release)

    Hey! Thank you so much for sharing! Insanely impressive how much you have been able to get done by yourself. Will be sure to spread the word!
  5. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenogears 1997-1998 Fan Petition(s) for an English Translation

    Unfortunately being from early internet days most evidence of any petition seems to have been lost, unless there was someone around who participated in this themselves. I was too young to have known about the game coming out at the time, but I will ask around.
  6. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenoseries Master Study Guide Resource List

    Thank you! I'll get that cleaned up right away!
  7. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenoseries Master Study Guide Resource List

    Did some slight house keeping on this. Unfortunately this is a dead link now. I also added your Xenoworks site to the general interest group if that's okay.
  8. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenogears 1997-1998 Fan Petition(s) for an English Translation

    Sorry for getting to this late, but the story I heard was that the main translator, Richard Honeywood, was part of a larger localization team before the others dropped off. There might be some interviews around of him talking about it,
  9. Aidan Uzuki

    Hey! Happy to see fan forums still around

    Welcome! I'm glad you were able to find the site like that! We're definitely trying to preserve whatever we can! Most people around are pretty friendly and nice so don't be afraid to say hello even though we might not be the most active forum ever. I really only dabble in the plastic models myself.
  10. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenosaga sheet music

    The service you have provided is immeasurable thank you so much!
  11. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenosaga sheet music

    Ah this makes me so happy! The more people in the community that have it means there is an even higher likelihood it gets preserved and it is such a great book. What a masterpiece that Mitsuda has created!
  12. Aidan Uzuki

    Looking for someone who would like to help video edit a Xenogears project

    I haven't used Resolve before. Really only familiar with Premiere and older versions of Vegas, but I heard recently Vegas might not be the best thing to use anymore. File corruption sucks. Were you using an older version of Premiere?
  13. Aidan Uzuki

    Looking for someone who would like to help video edit a Xenogears project

    Ah yeah I kinda feel that as well. I have some Adobe Premiere experience, but unfortunately I don't think I would be able to lend any time until at least Summer. I also want to tell you how cool your project is and that I really don't want to see it not succeed. If there's anywhere else you'd...
  14. Aidan Uzuki

    linnaealyn's xeno art

    This is likely an extremely late reply, but I just want to tell you that your art is incredible. This kind of stuff is a huge part of why I am glad this place exists. I am also happy to see representation from all of the different franchises.
  15. Aidan Uzuki

    Share your Xeno collections!

    Wow amazing! I'll have to remember to post mine in here sometime.
  16. Aidan Uzuki

    favorite country

    Maybe not the best country politically, but I always loved chilling in Tantal.
  17. Aidan Uzuki

    Board Suggestion Thread

    I'm about to confuse the shit out of the engine maybe. ᎣᏏᏲ! ᏙᎯᏧ? ᏥᏣᎳᎩ. ᎦᏙ ᏕᏣᏙᎠ ᏲᏁᎦ ᎬᎾᏘ? سلام حال شما خوبه؟ خوشامدید به وبسایتمان
  18. Aidan Uzuki

    Looking for Scans of "God-Slaying Story"

    One of the cool things about Thousands of Daggers, and by extension the Japanese script is that it lets us view the localization of the game through a more accurate lens. It has probably been saved in another format though e.g. the Japanese version of the game. People are hesitant to scan these...
  19. Aidan Uzuki

    Spoiler Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Alright, here it is! The game has been out for close to 2 months now (which I can hardly believe time has gone by so quickly). Now that people are likely through at least the main story and maybe had sometime to think about it. How are people feeling in general about this game?
  20. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenosaga sheet music

    I just wanted to post in here that someone did upload a scan of the original query of this thread! Thanks to @Pépin the entire book is available here: