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  1. HikariKuragari

    Hey everyone ^^

    Welcome !! Glad to have you here !!! ^-^
  2. HikariKuragari


    Welcome !! So glad to have you with us !! And yes Bart is absolutely one of my fav in xenogears along with margie. I love them both so much !! Hope you'll like it here ! :)
  3. HikariKuragari

    WIP Thread

    I love it Jessi !!
  4. HikariKuragari


    Welcome radio !!! Or no wait S E E K E R O F S H O W E R !!
  5. HikariKuragari

    Meme checkpoint

    Omg whyfish XD those are glorious !
  6. HikariKuragari

    Monster Hunter series

    Wow that asian looking room looks awesome !
  7. HikariKuragari

    Godsibb December 2020 Pick up/Flex Thread

    Niceee, I really love the flashy computer ! Also I'd post more stuff but I need to transfer picts from my phone first hahaha
  8. HikariKuragari

    Xenoblade Definitive Edition Retrospective

    I really enjoyed it a lot more this time around with the upgraded gameplay, especially the quest lines markers and such. I'm glad I finished it ^-^ and the additional story was just icing on the cake.
  9. HikariKuragari


    Welcome !!!! Don't mind me trying out the giffy here ;D
  10. HikariKuragari

    Xenogears general topic ?

    Its something about the men of the sea :LOL:
  11. HikariKuragari

    Monster Hunter series

    I just got it for PC, so I may be able to play with your guys, just need to install it and stuff first :)
  12. HikariKuragari

    Xenogears general topic ?

    This place is lonely, xenogears needs love too ! So I made a thread, Bart is my fav dork ! There ! Started ;)
  13. HikariKuragari

    Meme checkpoint

    I made a shitmeme recently ! :
  14. HikariKuragari

    Ys series !

    I would say the serie being very episodic you wouldn't really be lost with any of them so it depends on what you feel like going with as some have different gameplay and systems to them as well. The stories are still connected but often more hinted at previous adventures and more focused around...
  15. HikariKuragari

    Which party members do you use?

    My bias party : Kosmos, Jr. & chaos
  16. HikariKuragari

    Xenochat Episodes

    Updated the last one, but it's somewhat doing the same thing as the first ones, I honestly have no idea why some work and some don't. :confused:
  17. HikariKuragari

    Ys series !

    That sounds good !! For me it's the other way around ! I still have a long journey ahead of me with the trails ! But at least Ys are for the most part a lot shorter.
  18. HikariKuragari

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    I recently watched - God of high school (CRAZY ANIMATIONS, plot was a bit condensed but still enjoyable !) - Dr.Stone (I enjoyed this show so much omg !!!) - Currently in Golden Kamuy which surprised me a lot of times plot wise, its anything but what you expect and has legit strange vibes that...
  19. HikariKuragari

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    *Arrive with a jojo pose* I feel like I was summoned here *menacing symbols*
  20. HikariKuragari

    What are you listening to?

    Nowadays I'm often listening to the soundtrack pieces of Genshin Impact, the music from that game is just breathtaking !!