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  1. NihilismBot

    Favorite relationship(s)?

    Ziggy is patient and strong and would Cherenkov wouldn't have to worry about hurting him and Ziggy could be reassuring during a panic attack. Plus Cherenkov says "How I envy you" to MOMO after she gives Ziggy a tune up
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    Amm's xenofanarts

    Your art is super cute!
  3. NihilismBot

    Favorite relationship(s)?

    In watching my roommate play through Xenosaga, I've somehow talked myself into Ziggy/Cherenkov being a good ship
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    Sicahyart Gallery

    Oh wow! I thought it might be colored pencil and I was going to ask how you got everything so smooth, but now I have to ask how you get such crisp lines! The hair is absolutely gorgeous!
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    Sicahyart Gallery

    These are all so lovely! Are they all traditionally colored?
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    Spoiler miel's art thread

    These are all so lovely! I love the way you draw legs! They look so soft
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    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your art!
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    Godsibb March 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

    Almost forgot to post that I got this bad boy!
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    Favorite Minor Characters

    But how do you feel about Doctus?
  10. NihilismBot

    Favorite Minor Characters

    I like most of the characters in all the Xeno games so it's hard to pick... Assistant Scott from XS is an obvious choice for me. I don't know if Tolone from XG counts as minor, but she's also a favorite. Linada from XB deserved more screen time. Sheba in XB2 was great... There are so many good...
  11. NihilismBot

    Xeno Dating Sim High University

    This is the second best game I've ever played. I'm nominating it for Game of the Year
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    Bott's fics!

    So in addition to that Dickson fic I'll never write, I sometimes also actually write fanfiction. Here is a collection! Fix It - Xenoblade 2 Malos/Jin fic with some jintrospection. Xeno Sleepy Time Hugs - A collection of fics wherein xeno characters hug during sleepy times. I may add to this...
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    What's poppin gamers

    Yes. We are very poggers. We are also very bae, fam
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    Mostly sober

    Mostly sober
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    Original Character: Donut Steel

    I'm curious if anyone has an original character for any Xeno game. You can ship them with a canon character, or role play them, or just have them and love them! I don't really have any myself. I have the smallest idea for one which is based entirely on the thought that "Rico deserves a...
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    Godsibb January 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

    Yeah! It's really funny how much official merchandise exists for the game. Nine figurines (three sets of three) and pants.
  17. NihilismBot

    Godsibb January 2021 Pick up/Flex Thread

    I should be getting some doujinshi soon but for now my most exciting acquisition is my chibi El Shaddai figures.
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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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    It’s this thread. It’s something about this thread... (hey)

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!
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    Pets thread! :3

    This is my spoiled princess, Lady Meyneth. She likes when people stick to schedules and she cries when they don't.