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  1. Jintoki

    Xeno Dating Sim High University

    I watched Radiotanuki play it yesterday, and oh boy did I cringe at all of my typos. You can tell I wrote it in half a day. I hope it just adds to the charm.
  2. Jintoki

    Xeno Dating Sim High University

    Thanks! I appreciate it. But it should be fine, I think.
  3. Jintoki

    Xeno Dating Sim High University

    Backstory: the day before Valentine's Day, I asked some members of XenoChat for who they wanted to see in a Xeno dating sim. In a half a day, I created Xeno Dating Sim High University, a really bad dating sim (tm). I received some feedback and added some more material, as you can tell from the...
  4. Jintoki

    Episode Suggestions

    Ooh, great idea! I'll double-check and see it's already on our list, but even if it is it gives us more incentive to do that episode sooner.
  5. Jintoki

    Xenochat Episodes

    2020 Holiday Special: Episode XXXII: How to Train a Xeno Fan 2 - Xenosaga The Animation:
  6. Jintoki

    Xenosaga Episode II Cutscenes 2021-01-13

    Xenosaga Episode II Cutscenes
  7. Jintoki

    Xenosaga Episode I Cutscenes 2021-01-12

    The cutscenes from Xenosaga Episode I.
  8. Jintoki


    Welcome aboard!
  9. Jintoki

    It’s this thread. It’s something about this thread... (hey)

    Welcome! And it's always nice to see another Elma stan.
  10. Jintoki

    Xenogears: The Perfect Edition

    Wow, that is really exciting! Kudos on the hard work! Idk if I can really help, but I'm rooting for you guys.
  11. Jintoki

    Episode Suggestions

    Hey! We at XenoChat have a big list of ideas that's physically impossible to get through, but we're always down for more suggestions! Anybody have any topics you'd like us to cover in a future episode? The topics can be singled out to Xenogears, Xenosaga, and Xenoblade or something that is a mix...
  12. Jintoki


  13. Jintoki

    Hey everyone ^^

    Hiya! I used to be on both of those boards as well! Welcome back!
  14. Jintoki

    XenoComi - Xenosaga Freaks - Fan Translation Project

    Yeah! The demo just focuses on the beginning during the Miltian Conflict but includes some characters that normally shouldn't be there, like Shion and Ziggy.
  15. Jintoki

    XenoComi - Xenosaga Freaks - Fan Translation Project

    Hello! For anyone who knows, the Xenosaga series received a special game called Xenosaga Freaks. It contained a demo for Xenosaga Episode II, a goofy word game, a cool database, and a visual novel called XenoComi. Many years ago, kare_reiko and I worked on a fan translation project to put...
  16. Jintoki

    h-hewwo? (´・ω・`)

    Hi! Sorry I'm late to the party.