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  1. HikariKuragari

    Xenogears general topic ?

    This place is lonely, xenogears needs love too ! So I made a thread, Bart is my fav dork ! There ! Started ;)
  2. HikariKuragari

    Ys series !

    I love the Ys serie a lot and so I thought I'd make a thread of it !! What's your favorites ? Looking forward to Ys9 in february ??
  3. HikariKuragari

    Suggestions/Read Me !

    If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to make new threads under this section to tell us your ideas and we'll respond when available. :) Thanks ~ HK
  4. HikariKuragari

    Introductions/Read Me !

    Feel free to make a small intro of yourself in this section, you can follow a basic (Name, Pronoun, What you like) pattern or you can go more simple paragraph, it's up to you ! We greatly encourage that you let us know what your prefered pronoun is though so we may respect use the right one from...
  5. HikariKuragari

    Xenochat Episodes

    Here's a list of all the episodes of xenochat with their links ! Episode I ; Introduction : Episode II ; Production with Pure Part I ...
  6. HikariKuragari

    Test thread !

    Hello ~ Just testing a little :)